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  1. muse_x's rating of the film Battles

    A meditation Lao Tzu'd have dug.

  2. Carsten Brønner Johnsen's rating of the film Battles

  3. ASRagab's rating of the film Battles

    A subtle and touching narrator-less filmic meditation about the looming, haunting remains of the industrial and human machines of war. The battle scars of the past run through a glamourless present-day Europe and Russia in poignant relief, while in the background the ever present spectre of violence stands in waiting, acknowledged only briefly in the dead eyes of Vladimir Putin on a TV screen, watching on.

  4. Gen Ueda's rating of the film Battles

    Well, it was very interesting.

  5. YellowDog's rating of the film Battles

    This movie sort of wanders, like a ghost—patiently investigating what remains after conflict ends. It’s very well shot, it has an interesting and sparse soundtrack made up mostly of ambient sounds, and the chapters are nice. However, I wish the movie had fit in 4 or 5 more examples. I liked its style, but I feel it could have dug deeper, hit a little harder, and got a little more dirt under its fingernails.

  6. Korial's rating of the film Battles

    The ordinary nature of war.

  7. tinderness's rating of the film Battles

    Dem Echo der vergangenen Kriege begegnen wir in diesem oft atemberaubend stillen Film, der uns das Sehen lehrt und uns darüber nachdenken lässt, dass wir vielleicht nur im Warteraum des Krieges leben: nach dem letzten, vor dem nächsten. Eine beeindruckende Arbeit von IsabelleTollenaere, die uns einen Film lang diesen Gedanken zumutet und unbarmherzig nachhängen läßt.

  8. Admir U Gomila Nacrta's rating of the film Battles

  9. Nick Gaetano's rating of the film Battles

    really a beautiful film_didn't really feel like a documentary_it's amazing how insane and stupid war is and we are still at it_we must be really dumb

  10. stevesher1951's rating of the film Battles

  11. Isaac's rating of the film Battles

    Por quanto tempo dura uma guerra? Neste documentário impressionante, Tollenaere nos prova a afirmativa de Heidegger que as guerras cessam mas não desaparecem. Suas reminiscências estão por toda parte da vida ordinária. Em forma de celebrações mas também de armamentos ocultos que sobraram. Os ecos da guerra vão além das fronteiras do tempo. Seus arquétipos se transformam, mas não se encerram. Belo e profundo.

  12. Stefan Drees's rating of the film Battles

    A very sensitive, aesthetically compelling film with strong and impressive cinematography (especially regarding very small, atmospheric details), showing how different (and sometimes bizarre) we live and arrange ourselves with the remains and memories of war and battle.