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  1. Photo of Julia Cave

    Julia Cave Director, Producer

  2. Photo of John Bush

    John Bush Producer

  3. Photo of Janice Hadlow

    Janice Hadlow Producer

  4. Photo of Frank Whitford

    Frank Whitford Cast, Screenplay

  5. Photo of Charles Jencks

    Charles Jencks Cast

  6. Photo of Christopher Frayling

    Christopher Frayling Cast

  7. Photo of George Adams

    George Adams Cast

  8. Photo of Alec Armstrong

    Alec Armstrong Cast

  9. Photo of Gillian Naylor

    Gillian Naylor Cast

  10. Photo of Michael Siebenbrodt

    Michael Siebenbrodt Cast

  11. Photo of Kurt Kranz

    Kurt Kranz Cast

  12. Photo of Peter Hahn

    Peter Hahn Cast

  13. Photo of Philip Johnson

    Philip Johnson Cast

  14. Photo of Walter Gropius

    Walter Gropius Cast

  15. Photo of Wassily Kandinsky

    Wassily Kandinsky Cast

  16. Photo of Gerhardt Marx

    Gerhardt Marx Cast

  17. Photo of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

    Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Cast

  18. Photo of Colin Knijff

    Colin Knijff Editing

  19. Photo of Mina Martinez

    Mina Martinez Production Design

  20. Photo of Bryan Showell

    Bryan Showell Sound

  21. Photo of Robin Swain

    Robin Swain Sound

  22. Photo of Jon Whitson

    Jon Whitson Sound

  23. Photo of Aad Wirtz

    Aad Wirtz Sound

  24. Photo of Garry Fiferman

    Garry Fiferman Sound