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  1. Photo of Toshio Masuda

    Toshio Masuda Director

  2. Photo of Leiji Matsumoto

    Leiji Matsumoto Director

  3. Photo of Kei Tomiyama

    Kei Tomiyama Cast

  4. Photo of Yôko Asagami

    Yôko Asagami Cast

  5. Photo of Shûsei Nakamura

    Shûsei Nakamura Cast

  6. Photo of Shinji Nomura

    Shinji Nomura Cast

  7. Photo of Kazuo Hayashi

    Kazuo Hayashi Cast

  8. Photo of Tohru Furuya

    Tohru Furuya Cast

  9. Photo of Yoshito Yasuhara

    Yoshito Yasuhara Cast

  10. Photo of Ichirō Nagai

    Ichirō Nagai Cast

  11. Photo of Kenichi Ogata

    Kenichi Ogata Cast

  12. Photo of Takeshi Aono

    Takeshi Aono Cast