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  1. Photo of Camillo Mastrocinque

    Camillo Mastrocinque Director

  2. Photo of Marcello Marchesi

    Marcello Marchesi Screenplay

  3. Photo of Vittorio Metz

    Vittorio Metz Screenplay

  4. Photo of Fulvio Palmieri

    Fulvio Palmieri Screenplay

  5. Photo of Gino Bechi

    Gino Bechi Cast

  6. Photo of Mariella Lotti

    Mariella Lotti Cast

  7. Photo of Silvana Pampanini

    Silvana Pampanini Cast

  8. Photo of Nino Besozzi

    Nino Besozzi Cast

  9. Photo of Nico Pepe

    Nico Pepe Cast

  10. Photo of Guglielmo Barnabò

    Guglielmo Barnabò Cast

  11. Photo of Marcella Rovena

    Marcella Rovena Cast

  12. Photo of Galeazzo Benti

    Galeazzo Benti Cast

  13. Photo of Václav Vích

    Václav Vích Cinematography

  14. Photo of Nino Rota

    Nino Rota Music

  15. Photo of Ottavio Scotti

    Ottavio Scotti Production Design

  16. Photo of Lorenzo Pegoraro

    Lorenzo Pegoraro Producer

  17. Photo of Mario Rappini

    Mario Rappini Costume Design