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  1. Michael Zyx MH Claes's rating of the film Be with Me

    Des acteurs peu crédibles qui surjouent, des situations clichés, un soap emballé dans une musique de supermarché, qu'a donc trouvé la sélection de "Un certain Regard" à ce film" ?

  2. easypz's rating of the film Be with Me

    A director torn by competing values: a subtle, observant approach vs. sentimentality. One embraces ambiguity & wonder & is truly intimate. The other fears this, & comforts with clichéd certainty & literalism. He mistrusted his deeper instinct. Plot quantity ok, but needed courage to push past the superficial. Blatant in Sam/Jacky plot, but undermines them all. Same with a linking structure that screams artificiality.

  3. Ed Khoo's rating of the film Be with Me

  4. Timmy93's rating of the film Be with Me

    We got a wonderful story in Theresa Chan. She's an extraordinary woman. The other two however were mediocre at best with creepy and borderline pathetic characters that we were supposed to cheer for.

  5. EdieEmm's rating of the film Be with Me

    An overly ambitious number of disparate elements, hamfisted together in a contrived and ultimately unconvincing attempt at coherence. Moments of staggering cinematic beauty alongside distractingly tacky video editing... Deeply touching character studies intercut with weak and insubstantial "parallel plots"... The one consistency being, sadly, the cheaply sentimental piano theme. An amateurish. disappointing misfire.

  6. msmichel's rating of the film Be with Me

    Tainted love. Tainted by loss, death, regret, voyeurism, and abandonment. Khoo's reflective and near silent film captures love in its most hurtful incarnations with maturity, grace and minimalist capture. Well worth rediscovering.

  7. Feng Ling's rating of the film Be with Me

    it just feels too artsy for me. sometimes silence brings out the subtle, but here I just feel more voice could've told better stories. also I did not sign up to watch a (creepy stalker) fatfuck slurping his food.

  8. JMT's rating of the film Be with Me

    The story of Theresa is incredibly moving- more than enough reason to watch. The creative structure of the film, with its other threads, is also interesting, but ultimately is a distraction. Sometimes simple is best.

  9. David R Williams's rating of the film Be with Me

    A film about the crushing weight of loneliness and the pain of never being able to touch our not so obscure objects of desire...or worse never being able to touch again those whom we once could.

  10. naokoken's rating of the film Be with Me

    Quiet and amazing film. "We'll always be together, till the end, right?" one teenage girls messages to another by phone. The blind and deaf woman types "sadly sometimes even true love can be broken, oh dear." Later we hear from her autobiography, "Determination can conquer the most difficult and discouraging things." Christine Sham piano music is great.

  11. nessmj's rating of the film Be with Me

    3.5 - the themes of isolation being dealt with in a number of situations, whether it be due to actual physical ailment (blindness and deafness), societal norms regarding standards of beauty or one's sexuality were, overall, wonderfully assessed. voyeurism, sound editing highlighting ambient noise and a distinct lack of dialogue truly illuminate the idea of alienation and separation.

  12. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Be with Me

    "Gallons of ink and miles of typewriter ribbon expended on the misery of the unrequited lover; not a word about the utter tedium of the unrequiting."

  13. Francesco Sullo's rating of the film Be with Me

  14. John Woodall's rating of the film Be with Me

    Definitely a unique movie. I really wasn't a fan of the first half, but the second half was remarkably better. Two of the three stories weren't very strong, leaving the movie to be carried by the story of the woman with the double handicap. I liked the soundtrack until they played the same song over every other "emotional" scene. Everything felt so forced that most of the big moments missed their mark for me.

  15. 5000yearoldbogmummy//Rhett's rating of the film Be with Me

    (number 100 for me!!) It's sensitive, it gives so much room for motion and emotion, for place and the way bodies occupy themselves.

  16. Abhi's rating of the film Be with Me

    Really strange film. A failed attempt at being poetic and subliminal. Mediocre acting. Last 20 minutes were may be interesting but rest of it was just blah. Surprised to see all the festival success and rave reviews here at MUBI.

  17. Carrie Hunter's rating of the film Be with Me

    Storytelling through silence that is strangely very narrative. Really engaging and moving at the end.

  18. Eric Sherwood's rating of the film Be with Me

    I really don't know what to think about this film, who knew quilting two slivers of paper could make me cry like a baby.

  19. aaa88's rating of the film Be with Me

    Music was very annoying and the three stories were forced together. Interesting use of subtitles (used instead the voice-over) and interesting how different way to communicate are used, paradoxically through conversation lack. The scenes without soundtrack are good, with good use of nonaction.

  20. Carlo Benedicti's rating of the film Be with Me

    intimate like a sunny shadow

  21. Diane Arbus's rating of the film Be with Me

    Delicate description of love and solitude. Just few words in a full movie to describe so well feelings make this movie very beautiful and touching. Lovely music. The story of the old man that still sees his wife is amazing as the first shot of his shop that closes and never open again till the end.

  22. Max Seqgar's rating of the film Be with Me

    Ay yay yay... unrequited love.... so universal.

  23. kokeshi's rating of the film Be with Me

    "Is true love truly, there, my love? yes, if your warm heart is".

  24. Beatrice's rating of the film Be with Me

    Off to a slow start but then gracefully pulls at your heartstrings.

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