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Ratings & Reviews

  1. A.B. II: The Return's rating of the film Beach Rats

    In regards to Eliza Hittman, I feel this succeeds in many areas that "It Felt Like Love" fell flat. While it still has some the focus and plot issues of her earlier work, it's nonetheless a deeper and more thoughtful work with a more thoroughly-examined protagonist. Her non-judgmental approach is also better suited here, making the audience ponder issues of self-identity and our need for social acceptance.

  2. Michael Peer's rating of the film Beach Rats

    Besides shooting on 16mm, I can't say I love anything about this film. Hittman seems content to let the subject matter do most the speaking for her rather than adding anything cinematically. It's a cold, shallow movie that checks off a bunch of boxes in today's progressive ideology (a female director, queer subject matter, toxic masculinity, victim) so I guess it gets a pass. There's nothing here you haven't seen.