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  1. Photo of Lothar Warneke

    Lothar Warneke Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Wolfgang Held

    Wolfgang Held Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jörg Pose

    Jörg Pose Cast

  4. Photo of Manfred Möck

    Manfred Möck Cast

  5. Photo of Karin Gregorek

    Karin Gregorek Cast

  6. Photo of Heinz-Dieter Knaup

    Heinz-Dieter Knaup Cast

  7. Photo of Susanne Lüning

    Susanne Lüning Cast

  8. Photo of Johanna Clas

    Johanna Clas Cast

  9. Photo of Doris Thalmer

    Doris Thalmer Cast

  10. Photo of Hermann Stövesand

    Hermann Stövesand Cast

  11. Photo of Peter Hölzel

    Peter Hölzel Cast

  12. Photo of Gert Gütschow

    Gert Gütschow Cast

  13. Photo of Monika Lennartz

    Monika Lennartz Cast

  14. Photo of Hans Jochen Röhrig

    Hans Jochen Röhrig Cast

  15. Photo of Ute Lubosch

    Ute Lubosch Cast

  16. Photo of Wilfried Pucher

    Wilfried Pucher Cast

  17. Photo of Sina Fiedler-Engel

    Sina Fiedler-Engel Cast

  18. Photo of Annett Kruschke

    Annett Kruschke Cast

  19. Photo of Ellis Heiden

    Ellis Heiden Cast

  20. Photo of Detlef Witte

    Detlef Witte Cast

  21. Photo of Klaus Tilsner

    Klaus Tilsner Cast

  22. Photo of Uwe Karpa

    Uwe Karpa Cast

  23. Photo of Norbert Lange

    Norbert Lange Cast

  24. Photo of Stephan Baumecker

    Stephan Baumecker Cast

  25. Photo of Alexander Höchst

    Alexander Höchst Cast

  26. Photo of Marc Hetterle

    Marc Hetterle Cast

  27. Photo of Matthias Wien

    Matthias Wien Cast

  28. Photo of Peter Ziesche

    Peter Ziesche Cinematography

  29. Photo of Günther Fischer

    Günther Fischer Music

  30. Photo of Erika Lehmphul

    Erika Lehmphul Editing

  31. Photo of Klaus Tolstorf

    Klaus Tolstorf Sound