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  1. Photo of Gordon Chan

    Gordon Chan Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Dante Lam

    Dante Lam Director

  3. Photo of Chan Hing-Ka

    Chan Hing-Ka Screenplay

  4. Photo of Anthony Wong Chau-Sang

    Anthony Wong Chau-Sang Cast

  5. Photo of Michael Wong

    Michael Wong Cast

  6. Photo of Stephanie Che

    Stephanie Che Cast

  7. Photo of Kathy Chow

    Kathy Chow Cast

  8. Photo of Sam Lee

    Sam Lee Cast

  9. Photo of Roy Cheung

    Roy Cheung Cast

  10. Photo of Arthur Wong

    Arthur Wong Cast

  11. Photo of Sammuel Leung

    Sammuel Leung Cast

  12. Photo of Kong Kim

    Kong Kim Cast

  13. Photo of Gary Mak

    Gary Mak Cast

  14. Photo of Patrick Tam

    Patrick Tam Cast

  15. Photo of Tony Cheung

    Tony Cheung Cinematography

  16. Photo of Teddy Robin Kwan

    Teddy Robin Kwan Music

  17. Photo of Tommy Wai

    Tommy Wai Music

  18. Photo of Alfred Yau

    Alfred Yau Production Design

  19. Photo of Chan Ki Hop

    Chan Ki Hop Editing

  20. Photo of Steve Chan

    Steve Chan Sound