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  1. Photo of Sergio Grieco

    Sergio Grieco Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Helmut Berger

    Helmut Berger Cast

  3. Photo of Marisa Mell

    Marisa Mell Cast

  4. Photo of Richard Harrison

    Richard Harrison Cast

  5. Photo of Marina Giordana

    Marina Giordana Cast

  6. Photo of Luigi Bonos

    Luigi Bonos Cast

  7. Photo of Vittorio Duse

    Vittorio Duse Cast

  8. Photo of Ezio Marano

    Ezio Marano Cast

  9. Photo of Claudio Gora

    Claudio Gora Cast

  10. Photo of Alberto Squillante

    Alberto Squillante Cast

  11. Photo of Maria Pascucci

    Maria Pascucci Cast

  12. Photo of Nello Pazzafini

    Nello Pazzafini Cast

  13. Photo of Antonio Basile

    Antonio Basile Cast

  14. Photo of Sergio Smacchi

    Sergio Smacchi Cast

  15. Photo of Rossana Bevilacqua

    Rossana Bevilacqua Cast

  16. Photo of Vittorio Bernini

    Vittorio Bernini Cinematography

  17. Photo of Umberto Smaila

    Umberto Smaila Music

  18. Photo of Lucia Terzuolo

    Lucia Terzuolo Production Design

  19. Photo of Armando Bertuccioli

    Armando Bertuccioli Producer

  20. Photo of Silvano Zignani

    Silvano Zignani Producer

  21. Photo of Francesco Bertuccioli

    Francesco Bertuccioli Editing

  22. Photo of Adalberto Ceccarelli

    Adalberto Ceccarelli Editing

  23. Photo of Bruno Moreal

    Bruno Moreal Sound

  24. Photo of Patricia Merluzzi

    Patricia Merluzzi Costume Design