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  1. Photo of Luise Brinkmann

    Luise Brinkmann Director

  2. Photo of Luise Brinkmann

    Luise Brinkmann Screenplay

  3. Photo of Lana Cooper

    Lana Cooper Cast

  4. Photo of Saskia Vester

    Saskia Vester Cast

  5. Photo of Till Wonka

    Till Wonka Cast

  6. Photo of Aleksandar Radenković

    Aleksandar Radenković Cast

  7. Photo of Christin Nichols

    Christin Nichols Cast

  8. Photo of Caroline Erikson

    Caroline Erikson Cast

  9. Photo of Jörg Bundschuh

    Jörg Bundschuh Cast

  10. Photo of Hans-Heinrich Hardt

    Hans-Heinrich Hardt Cast

  11. Photo of Cornelius Schwalm

    Cornelius Schwalm Cast

  12. Photo of Simon Finkas

    Simon Finkas Cast

  13. Photo of Luise Brinkmann

    Luise Brinkmann Producer

  14. Photo of Olivia Charamsa

    Olivia Charamsa Producer

  15. Photo of Nadja Rüdebusch

    Nadja Rüdebusch Music

  16. Photo of Eike Swoboda

    Eike Swoboda Music

  17. Photo of Mathis Hanspach

    Mathis Hanspach Cinematography

  18. Photo of Maren Unterburger

    Maren Unterburger Editing

  19. Photo of Flavia Rahobison

    Flavia Rahobison Costume Design