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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Ozu_Teapot's rating of the film Beat Girl

  2. henningninneh's rating of the film Beat Girl

    tame, late 1950s uk sexploitation flick, with a moral ending, of course. odd combination, amusing, in a way.

  3. Guy Budziak's rating of the film Beat Girl

    This film is such a blast. Daddy returns home with hot new French wife in tow, and his pouty teen daughter rejects her. Dynamic score from John Barry kicks things off to a rollicking start, and in no time daddy's girl figures out father's bride is an ex-stripper. Of course having a strip club across the street from the coffee house where the kids hang out helps push things along. Lee is suitably oily as club owner.

  4. Zane Curtis-Olsen's rating of the film Beat Girl

    Come for the juvenile delinquency. Stay for the high Modernism.

  5. mauries's rating of the film Beat Girl

    I was just watching the opening credits again - with Gillian Hills dancing on the music of John Barry. I forgot how much fun some parts of this film are!