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  1. Photo of Bill Verity

    Bill Verity Director

  2. Photo of Aubrey Dewar

    Aubrey Dewar Cinematography

  3. Photo of David Findlay

    David Findlay Cinematography

  4. Photo of Ernest Vincze

    Ernest Vincze Cinematography

  5. Photo of Cecil Beaton

    Cecil Beaton Cast

  6. Photo of David Bailey

    David Bailey Cast and Producer

  7. Photo of Marit Allen

    Marit Allen Cast

  8. Photo of Truman Capote

    Truman Capote Cast

  9. Photo of David Cecil

    David Cecil Cast

  10. Photo of Ossie Clark

    Ossie Clark Cast

  11. Photo of Cyril Connolly

    Cyril Connolly Cast

  12. Photo of Justin de Villeneuve

    Justin de Villeneuve Cast

  13. Photo of Brian Duffy

    Brian Duffy Cast

  14. Photo of Hugh Francis

    Hugh Francis Cast

  15. Photo of Ray Gurton

    Ray Gurton Cast

  16. Photo of Baba Hambro

    Baba Hambro Cast

  17. Photo of David Hockney

    David Hockney Cast

  18. Photo of Mick Jagger

    Mick Jagger Cast

  19. Photo of Patrick Lichfield

    Patrick Lichfield Cast

  20. Photo of Rudolf Nureyev

    Rudolf Nureyev Cast

  21. Photo of Patrick Procktor

    Patrick Procktor Cast

  22. Photo of Jean Shrimpton

    Jean Shrimpton Cast

  23. Photo of Nancy Smiley

    Nancy Smiley Cast

  24. Photo of Roy Strong

    Roy Strong Cast

  25. Photo of Penelope Tree

    Penelope Tree Cast

  26. Photo of Twiggy

    Twiggy Cast

  27. Photo of Diana Vreeland

    Diana Vreeland Cast