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  1. Photo of Luigi Acquisto

    Luigi Acquisto Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Bety Reis

    Bety Reis Director

  3. Photo of Irim Tolentino

    Irim Tolentino Screenplay and Cast

  4. Photo of Jose Da Costa

    Jose Da Costa Cast

  5. Photo of Sandra Da Costa

    Sandra Da Costa Cast

  6. Photo of Eugenio Soares

    Eugenio Soares Cast

  7. Photo of Doretea Soares

    Doretea Soares Cast

  8. Photo of Augusta Soares

    Augusta Soares Cast

  9. Photo of Osme Gonsalves

    Osme Gonsalves Cast

  10. Photo of Funu Lakan

    Funu Lakan Cast

  11. Photo of Stella Zammataro

    Stella Zammataro Producer