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  1. ceknklsn's rating of the film Beau travail

    64/100 (Militarizmin gereksizliğini, Lgbt'nin normalliğini ve dinler arası ayrımcılığı süper olmasa da sanatsal bir dille anlatması güzel. Ancak geri kalan çok elle tutulur bir şey yok. SPOİLER. Son 15 dakikaya kadar gerçekçi gitse de başrol ve hoşlandığı asker arası kavga çok anlamsız. Başrolün verdiği ceza çok gerçek dışı. Ayrıca filmin yüzde 70'ini askerlerin idmanının kaplaması çok tekrarcı oluyor, bayıyor...)

  2. Raymond Stevenson's rating of the film Beau travail

    One of the most impactful films I have ever seen. A potent, dreamy metaphor for male anxiety and flawless in execution. The best part is that Denis makes it hard to establish what is dream and what is real blending the character's past and present. The film gets you excited about film and the potential it has.

  3. Nicole Richie's rating of the film Beau travail

    and by the last scene - when the music starts - heart was racing.

  4. Ethan's rating of the film Beau travail

    This is a true masterpiece of the cinema. Claire Denis evokes so much beauty and emotion from this mysterious and haunting film that feels so fluid.

  5. Homayoun Hajikhani's rating of the film Beau travail

  6. Henri de Corinth's rating of the film Beau travail

    I don't get it. Sorry. How long do I have to sit on Cinephile Death Row?

  7. Henrique Barbosa Justini's rating of the film Beau travail

    claire é uma diretora que tem uma obstinação por corpos reagindo a qualquer emoção possível. sua movimentação incessante persegue pessoas, não para narrar uma história, mas para evidenciar o mapa sensorial que é o corpo de cada um.

  8. Kelvin Thompson's rating of the film Beau travail

    The language Claire Denis chooses to explain the concept is time-tested and fitting. From caged men frolicking in the waters of emotion to neoclassical symmetry, the visceral ritualism of intimate military isolation is evoked well. The actual plot is a pretty simple build of clashing attraction and resentment within one Legionnaire, who ultimately violently projects it onto the object of his desire.

  9. Jdsarmientoburgos's rating of the film Beau travail

    A simple story following a strict French Legion officer and his platoon in Djibouti, until a new recruit ignites feelings of jealousy and yearning. One of those films that purely works because of the director’s cinematic style, Claire Denis creates an incredible feeling of thirst and aching, and films the most hypnotizing dance club sequences. Every moment is intoxicating poetry on masculinity.

  10. Alexander Dunkelberger's rating of the film Beau travail

    This has to be one of the greatest in-the-theater cinema experiences I’ve ever had. Saw this in Paris with no subtitles in a smaller theater at some cinema museum. The ending is so transcendent, so powerful, so perfect.

  11. amandav's rating of the film Beau travail

    final scene hit me so hard

  12. Peregrine's rating of the film Beau travail

    So original. How did she create so much tension in these images? The tension of the bodies, of underlying jealousy as scorching as the african sun, of the tumbling of power, of utter boredom and the sheer inner hysteria of one man. And the final scene, that final scene, may be one of the best final scenes I have ever seen.

  13. Walker's rating of the film Beau travail

    One of those movies that just grows larger in your mind. I really admire what Denis does, she is probably one of my very favorite directors working today.

  14. Eric Eidelstein's rating of the film Beau travail

    I’m here for the confluence of toxic masculinity with the sensual and transcendental! I’m also here for Denis Lavant, the sexiest pray mantis I have ever seen!

  15. blkrchs's rating of the film Beau travail

  16. FISCHER's rating of the film Beau travail

    Un ancien officier de la Légion Etrangère se rappelle un moment dramatique vécu par lui et ses hommes en Afrique ..... Décevant !

  17. Andrew Lang's rating of the film Beau travail

    Mesmerising. When film is a dream. And the greatest dance scene in the history of cinema?

  18. lbunuel's rating of the film Beau travail

    You can barely detect the "themes" in Denis' hypnotic masterpiece: she deals basically with characters against a landscape; with repetitive movements; with the exploration of mood. It is masterful in every detail.

  19. Max Swanson's rating of the film Beau travail

    A beguiling, transfixing experience featuring one of the most surprisingly satisfying last moments of any film in recent memory.

  20. riraru's rating of the film Beau travail

    Sehr ästhetisch, körperlich. Als heterosexueller Mann oder homosexuelle Frau hätte ich mich möglicherweise etwas gelangweilt …

  21. Tatami's rating of the film Beau travail

    Essentially a collage, fragmented memories of a period passed, which is where its strength lie but unfortunately this does not hit hard enough. Denis effectively transmits the spirit of the daily life of the french foreign legion. Silence and heat beats, a hand shading your eyes looking at the men in the sun soaked desert. Good looking scenes. The kind of film that is a bore to sit through &is better in retrospect.

  22. laura karl's rating of the film Beau travail

    beautiful scenery. very intense and slow. great sound. interesting depiction of male bodies and rivalry. the dance scene is unbelievably amazing.

  23. Francisco R.'s rating of the film Beau travail

    Based on a Melville novel but Conradian in its storytelling, this mosaic of images, impresions and recollections of the growing boredom and animosity within a group of legionnaires conveys a quiet desperation that is perfectly achieved by the talented cast.

  24. LAB ARBUTA's rating of the film Beau travail

    La roba più ridicola mai vista

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