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Ratings & Reviews

  1. mpho3's rating of the film Beaufort

    “...for long stretches [Beaufort] feels more like science fiction. The small band of Israeli soldiers who are its main characters inhabit a mountain outpost in southern Lebanon that might as well be a space station marooned in a hostile galaxy. Its perspective on Israeli military action is neither guilty nor jingoistic but instead almost philosophical." - A.O. Scott, NYTimes. Ishai Adar's score is beautiful.

  2. bencor's rating of the film Beaufort

    because we deserve to not live buried under concrete in fuselages, unless...

  3. Jack Remington's rating of the film Beaufort

    A Man's movie. War is hell, and left with no clearance from one's Superiors can be most stressful. Israeli cinema is alive and well.

  4. Max_Hydr0's rating of the film Beaufort

    Languid at times, punctuated by moments of explosive tumult. Tension mounts as Israeli soldiers defend a remote mountain enclave. Nice location shots at an ancient stone fort. Plenty of commiserating between soldiers voicing heartfelt opinions about the foibles of combat and being stationed on a remote mountaintop, albeit with a spectacular view of the rugged Lebanese landscape. Intriguing drama of realistic caliber

  5. Eric Adkins's rating of the film Beaufort

    It's nice to know that reality in a down hill situation can lead to a withdrawal, but still follow ones instinct and beliefs that are grounded for ones own mission in life, or your country, and not give up by what is learned along the way.