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  1. Photo of Martin Theo Krieger

    Martin Theo Krieger Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Katharina Derr

    Katharina Derr Cast

  3. Photo of Sina Tkotsch

    Sina Tkotsch Cast

  4. Photo of Patrick von Blume

    Patrick von Blume Cast

  5. Photo of Lucien Le Rest

    Lucien Le Rest Cast

  6. Photo of Igor Dolgatschew

    Igor Dolgatschew Cast

  7. Photo of Tom Lass

    Tom Lass Cast

  8. Photo of Aljosha Horvat

    Aljosha Horvat Cast

  9. Photo of Therese Hämer

    Therese Hämer Cast

  10. Photo of Rolf Berg

    Rolf Berg Cast

  11. Photo of Vivien LaFleur

    Vivien LaFleur Cast

  12. Photo of Fahime Farzanessa

    Fahime Farzanessa Cast

  13. Photo of Leonie Benesch

    Leonie Benesch Cast

  14. Photo of Jürgen Rißmann

    Jürgen Rißmann Cast

  15. Photo of Waldemar Kobus

    Waldemar Kobus Cast

  16. Photo of Carlo Rennefeld

    Carlo Rennefeld Cast

  17. Photo of Mara Scherzinger

    Mara Scherzinger Cast

  18. Photo of Mark Zak

    Mark Zak Cast

  19. Photo of Mihaela Sirbu

    Mihaela Sirbu Cast

  20. Photo of Radu Banzaru

    Radu Banzaru Cast

  21. Photo of Marinela Chelaru

    Marinela Chelaru Cast

  22. Photo of Ricarda Juelich

    Ricarda Juelich Cast

  23. Photo of Andreas Höfer

    Andreas Höfer Cinematography

  24. Photo of Andreas Schilling

    Andreas Schilling Music

  25. Photo of Andrea Kessler

    Andrea Kessler Production Design

  26. Photo of Michael Eckelt

    Michael Eckelt Producer

  27. Photo of Brigitta Tauchner

    Brigitta Tauchner Editing

  28. Photo of Stefan Schmahl

    Stefan Schmahl Sound

  29. Photo of Volker Zeigermann

    Volker Zeigermann Sound