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  1. Photo of Harald Hamrell

    Harald Hamrell Director

  2. Photo of Cecilia Börjlind

    Cecilia Börjlind Screenplay

  3. Photo of Maj Sjöwall

    Maj Sjöwall Screenplay

  4. Photo of Per Wahlöö

    Per Wahlöö Screenplay

  5. Photo of Peter Harber

    Peter Harber Cast

  6. Photo of Mikael Persbrabdt

    Mikael Persbrabdt Cast

  7. Photo of Iingvar Hirdwall

    Iingvar Hirdwall Cast

  8. Photo of Måns Nathanaelson

    Måns Nathanaelson Cast

  9. Photo of Kirsti Torhaug

    Kirsti Torhaug Cast

  10. Photo of Stephen Rappaport

    Stephen Rappaport Cast

  11. Photo of Daniel Goldmann

    Daniel Goldmann Cast

  12. Photo of Stefan Marling

    Stefan Marling Cast

  13. Photo of Suzanna Dilber

    Suzanna Dilber Cast

  14. Photo of Erik Johansson

    Erik Johansson Cast

  15. Photo of Johannes Alfvén

    Johannes Alfvén Cast

  16. Photo of Olof Johnson

    Olof Johnson Cinematography

  17. Photo of Anders Herrlin

    Anders Herrlin Music

  18. Photo of Jennie Löfgren

    Jennie Löfgren Music

  19. Photo of Tomas Michaelsson

    Tomas Michaelsson Producer

  20. Photo of Lars Blomgren

    Lars Blomgren Producer

  21. Photo of Henrik Zein

    Henrik Zein Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Linda Jildmalm

    Linda Jildmalm Editing

  23. Photo of Tomas Täng

    Tomas Täng Editing