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  1. alnsferraz's rating of the film Bed and Sofa

    #nós #cultura #cinema #mubi #tretyameshchanskaya #abramroom #urss #clássicos #feminismo #liberdade #autodeterminação #aborto #1927 #escolhas #fraternidade #solidariedade #egoísmo #opressão #ilusão #moscou

  2. eikadu's rating of the film Bed and Sofa

    um interessante quadro da Russia pós revolução principalmente pela libertinagem de dois beijos gays e a emancipação feminina no final

  3. Hodek Van Mealstrom's rating of the film Bed and Sofa

  4. Skygazer's rating of the film Bed and Sofa

    5-star dysfunctional relationship, I'm impressed.

  5. B o g d a n's rating of the film Bed and Sofa

    Bine că ești tu deșteaptă.

  6. Maurice De Noiroff's rating of the film Bed and Sofa

  7. EdieEmm's rating of the film Bed and Sofa

    Extraordinary silent Russian cinema with all the best of the art. Yet what's most fascinating is the way it demonstrates the timeless/subversive potential of moral ambiguity. Plenty of people were outraged by this, though few for the same reasons. Similarly, it's as easy, in 2017, to find its empowering feminist message as it might've been then to see a woman enslaved by her petit-bourgeouis indulgence. (Etc.) Wild.

  8. DrFirestone's rating of the film Bed and Sofa

    Amazing glance into the early Soviet Union, still a very progressive, changing society; an opportunity to experience the daily life, fashion, attitudes and challenges of these days. I was impressed by the cinematography and great performances. Unforgettable statement of the time that is long gone.

  9. Funda Can Çuvalcı's rating of the film Bed and Sofa

    I loved the ending, the woman's choosing her own fate... The theme of liberated woman could be part of the socialist philosophy; yet the film still surprised me as a Soviet period film focusing on private life and sexual politics. Other than this, the cinematography was nice.

  10. Shayne Bowden's rating of the film Bed and Sofa

    Great early Soviet-era story about housing shortages and the perils of infidelity.......... Some great external sequences and all cast members are fantastic. Keen to see some more work by Abram Room.

  11. zoerose's rating of the film Bed and Sofa

    Soviet cinema was always keen to depict a progressive society, despite all odds. I always notice how their mise en scenes are focusing on capturing how industrially revolutionized everyday life in the Soviet Union was(trains, machines, urban life)but Bed and Sofa goes beyond that,presenting issues such as interpersonal relations, sex and female autonomy, topics that are unlikely to be found in 1920s American cinema.

  12. bryanvmh's rating of the film Bed and Sofa

    "It appears that... We Are Scoundrels"

  13. Quattro's rating of the film Bed and Sofa

    While it starts off like the most clichéd ménage-à-trois-based comedy, it gradually develops the dramatic elements of the situation, reaching in the second part such a mature representation of the fickleness of feelings and of the ambiguity of human relationships. It also deals with themes that are still delicate today, and I guess were absolute taboo in those years. And what a modern female character! Brilliant.

  14. FISCHER's rating of the film Bed and Sofa

    Petit chef- d'oeuvre soviétique du cinéma muet, étonnant, féministe et d'une évidente acuité humaine, commis par un cinéaste haut de gamme...

  15. Jason's rating of the film Bed and Sofa

    Don't take her for granted, fellas. Can't be said w/ sufficient frequency or insistence. But often you will. And hopefully y'all get what you got comin'. What really distinguishes Bed and Sofa is its extremely odd (and not common!) combination of deadpan and burlesque. All three of these characters are kind of amusing monsters. It is actually the sociopolitical situation that is the real villain. Ah, the early days.

  16. between7skies's rating of the film Bed and Sofa

    To my mind, the Russians gave us great works in cinema well before Europe, but they were never given proper credit they deserve. They were already casting lead female roles in bolder light than Europe or the US. 1927 was also the year Lang produced his cult film Metropolis, and still casting the lead female figure in an idealized religious light, the Russians were half a century ahead.

  17. hiab's rating of the film Bed and Sofa

    I like this movie either , but why does it come to the list 2 times in this year ?

  18. Valentin Alexandru's rating of the film Bed and Sofa

  19. Justine Vernera's rating of the film Bed and Sofa

    Something oddly silly and very outdated about this piece which nonetheless has some interesting moments - both cinematographically and in terms of the content. Bits and pieces of fine controversy as well.

  20. Sin título.'s rating of the film Bed and Sofa

    Soledad que remite a la búsqueda de afectos en personas ajenas a la relación de pareja que a su vez da pie a malos entendidos y aflicciones en aquellos terceros incapaces de satisfacer las necesidades básicas de superviviencia. Buena atmósfera con una excelente construcción de conflicto. (20160208)

  21. Graf von Zahl's rating of the film Bed and Sofa

    Lovely! That's what Bitter Moon would look like, if it were a comedy. At some point I started to think she's going to end up on the sofa. Samovar-shower!

  22. Samuel Andrade's rating of the film Bed and Sofa

  23. joanra's rating of the film Bed and Sofa

    Película muda y en blanco y negro en formato pre-sitcom. La historia incluye varios giros inesperados, apología al no-aborto y en algunas escenas se intuye relaciones homosexuales entre los protagonistas. Lo tiene todo. El papel del gato es clarividente.

  24. Tutu888's rating of the film Bed and Sofa

    A much more human work than the movies by Eisenstein and Dovzhenko from the same era. The street scenes of Moscow must have been an influence on Dziga Vertov.

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