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  1. Photo of Steno

    Steno Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Bruno Baratti

    Bruno Baratti Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sandro Continenza

    Sandro Continenza Screenplay

  4. Photo of Lucio Fulci

    Lucio Fulci Screenplay

  5. Photo of Vittorio Vighi

    Vittorio Vighi Screenplay

  6. Photo of Carlo Rustichelli

    Carlo Rustichelli Music

  7. Photo of Alvaro Mancori

    Alvaro Mancori Cinematography

  8. Photo of Giuliana Attenni

    Giuliana Attenni Editing

  9. Photo of Ottavio Scotti

    Ottavio Scotti Production Design

  10. Photo of Ovidio Del Grande

    Ovidio Del Grande Sound

  11. Photo of Oscar Di Santo

    Oscar Di Santo Sound

  12. Photo of Totò

    Totò Cast

  13. Photo of Peppino De Filippo

    Peppino De Filippo Cast

  14. Photo of Nadia Gray

    Nadia Gray Cast

  15. Photo of Cristina Gaioni

    Cristina Gaioni Cast

  16. Photo of Aroldo Tieri

    Aroldo Tieri Cast

  17. Photo of Gabriele Tinti

    Gabriele Tinti Cast

  18. Photo of Cesare Fantoni

    Cesare Fantoni Cast

  19. Photo of Angela Luce

    Angela Luce Cast