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Ratings & Reviews

  1. salatentomat's rating of the film Bedways

    schlechte schauspieler, musik ganz gut. sinn des films hängt in der schwebe.. eigentlich ein totaler mist.

  2. bastos's rating of the film Bedways

    too much brainfuck. too wide gap between cold sex and flat inellectuality.

  3. henningninneh's rating of the film Bedways

    everything i hate about berlin.

  4. Princess of the Winter's rating of the film Bedways

    No plot, no idea of a script, boring german actors: this makes a bad film.

  5. bulgrin's rating of the film Bedways

    One star for the soundtrack, the rest is crap.

  6. Stefan Drees's rating of the film Bedways

    If you don't have a functioning script try to make a film about a filmmaker trying to make a film without a script. The result is a boring and uninteresting movie with bad acting, lack of creative ideas, lots of idle, pseudo-intellectual talk and - the worst - without any trash potential.

  7. brigitte wittig's rating of the film Bedways

    was soll der Scheiss?? ein Grund mehr mubi zu kündigen

  8. Checkpoint Charlie's rating of the film Bedways

    The music was cool - at least Sissimetall, the scene their singer dances - the sex was interesting in its overt unsimulation, but it seems all too easy to have actual sex on set and fail to have any coherent story surrounding it. A lot of interesting things here but in the end it comes off as a half-assed meshing of "9 Songs" and "Sex is Comedy." Worst of all, they utilize Arno Frisch for less than five minutes!!!

  9. Koalacanth's rating of the film Bedways

    Great soundtrack. Great masturbation scene towards the end. Mediocre film.

  10. Tom Gerlach's rating of the film Bedways

    OUT NOW! Für alle Freunde von BEDWAYS ein "Muss"! Das sagenumwobene Bedways-Performance-Remake REHEARSALS erscheint gerade in einer streng limitierten 100er Auflage auf DVD: "... expliziter, wilder, vielleicht sogar noch besser als das Original":