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  1. glen's rating of the film Beeswax

    I enjoy slice of life films and understand the film's intent; having said as much, the film could have benefited from a tad bit more plot development. Great performances. Enjoyed the setting.

  2. Lee Donowitz's rating of the film Beeswax

  3. David R Williams's rating of the film Beeswax

    I know these people. And while I do not hate them, I have no desire to spend 100 minutes with them.

  4. rachelldancer's rating of the film Beeswax

    A modest, free spirited and optimistic film about family and friends and the awkward moments that make life more interesting. The cinematography and the color theme used throughout the film kept a refreshing and happy vibe all the way through. Bujakski did a fantastic job portraying meaningful raw relationships between people.

  5. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Beeswax

    I really loved this movie right up until the point that it didn't end. Such a lazy, terrible decision by Bujalski. The best parts are the characters which are definitely fun to watch develop. The story sets up to be pretty intriguing, but nothing gets resolved and it's all just open plot threads left to sit there. Very unsatisfying. But I tell ya, I really enjoyed the ride up to that point. Ah wells....

  6. Loz Loory's rating of the film Beeswax

    Unlike "Funny Ha Ha," which irked me due to the lack of substantive, real world problems, "Beeswax" has an actual plot involving women running a business. So few films take on this subject; I was glad to see an intelligent story about the lives of women. Good to see Alex Karpovsky interacting with smarter women than on "Girls." His energy is a great help to this film. The sisters' scene in the field is spectacular.

  7. yohkcub's rating of the film Beeswax

    I like Bujaliski's style of film making a lot. I thought the characters in this film were more interesting that in Funny Ha Ha. There's some kind of beauty and simplicity about focusing on the everyday situations and intimate relationships in the lives of other people. I like that his films don't really have a true ending, it just feels like opening up a chapter in the lives of these characters. I dig it.

  8. Drew's rating of the film Beeswax

    This film is so slow but there were moments that seemed so true to life that I almost forgot I was watching a movie. The characters are strong despite not having a clear grasp of what they want or where they're going. The film never outright asked for sympathy, but there was a deep sadness that crept up throughout it's entirety that was ultimately unsettling and unsatisfying.

  9. Léo Lebrun's rating of the film Beeswax

    Il y a des choses jolies dans cette cire d'abeille mais quelque chose me fait dire qu'il manque son dard (pas de référence au pénis), son côté piquant, à cet insecte. Après tout, la copine de maman peut racheter la part de son associée. Donc tout ça c'est surtout pour passer le temps, non ? Au fait, j'ai oublié mon porte monnaie au resto.

  10. azoulay's rating of the film Beeswax

    Attachant, fin, sans relâchement et profondément humain, avec des comédiennes épatantes, un bon moment de cinéma et une parole originale su le handicap.

  11. Ludovic72's rating of the film Beeswax

    Collant comme une cire d'abeille ? Filandreux, plutôt : les relations croisées de jeunes adultes de la région d'Austin (Texas) autour d'une boutique vintage, avec deux sœurs aux styles différents, des problèmes juridiques, des liaisons plus ou moins solides... Pas mal fichu, mais un peu difficile de s'attacher à ces micro-péripéties, qui au final manquent de relief. La fiction aurait besoin de rebondissements !

  12. saitosouta's rating of the film Beeswax

    Andrew "Next time you call my movies Mumblecore, I'll f**king kill you" Bujalski awakens.

  13. Lauren Iverson's rating of the film Beeswax

    Try something--if you randomly skip to any part of the movie, there will 99.999% of the time be a group of people talking. The acting makes me feel painfully uncomfortable. Reeks of affectation. Overall ick--how is this guy big?!

  14. Mark_Med's rating of the film Beeswax

    The accents and speech patterns of the actors was pretty close to the way most Austinites speak....funny if you are a Texas native. Good movie with very little action.

  15. Rodney Welch's rating of the film Beeswax

    The problem with Beeswax isn't that it focuses on everyday details. Many artists (Ozu, Leigh, Jarmusch) do just that, but they make it matter. Beeswax, by contrast, is boring as a dog's ass. It never takes off, and the people in it are annoying as hell. They're those types whose every statement sounds like a question. I sat wishing an asteroid would take out the whole twee, self-absorbed, preening lot.

  16. Pál's rating of the film Beeswax

    Somehow I've felt the style more distinctive than in Funny ha ha. That was like friends shooting a movie among themselves, and here there are purposefully no explicitly dramatic scenes. Close-ups on actresses are memorable for their exagerratedly uncontrolled facial expressions, and it's got its hilarious moments, like what to do on a highway.

  17. Earth's Impossible Day's rating of the film Beeswax

    I loved this movie soooo much. Having now seen all three of his films, I think Bujalski might be my favorite American filmmaker to emerge in the last ten years. I can't wait for Computer Chess!

  18. Bill Arceneaux's rating of the film Beeswax

    Starts off a bit boring, but ends up a bit interesting.

  19. FailedImitator's rating of the film Beeswax

    I dug the hell out of this movie.

  20. Polyglot's rating of the film Beeswax

    @Rodney: I strongly disagree with you on Beeswax. I am not as smart as you (and most of the users here), so my counter-point will be the exact opposite of what you just said.

  21. bknight23's rating of the film Beeswax

    Mike, I appreciate where you are coming from, but underlying this film is a means of production and artistic intent that inherently undermines the ability to capture the exactitude of the everyday reality its characters inhabit. The fact that Bujalski has an intent behind filmmaking equates the reality of his film with the reality found in any formalist directors repertoire.