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  1. Photo of Paulo Halm

    Paulo Halm Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jacob Solitrenick

    Jacob Solitrenick Cinematography

  3. Photo of Pedro Tergolina

    Pedro Tergolina Cast

  4. Photo of Eduardo Cardoso

    Eduardo Cardoso Cast

  5. Photo of Blanca Menti

    Blanca Menti Cast

  6. Photo of Janaína Kremer Motta

    Janaína Kremer Motta Cast

  7. Photo of Nora Goulart

    Nora Goulart Executive Producer

  8. Photo of Luciana Tomasi

    Luciana Tomasi Executive Producer

  9. Photo of Murilo Grossi

    Murilo Grossi Cast

  10. Photo of Caroline Guedes

    Caroline Guedes Cast

  11. Photo of Eduardo Moreira

    Eduardo Moreira Cast

  12. Photo of Ana Luiza Azevedo

    Ana Luiza Azevedo Screenplay, Director

  13. Photo of Giba Assis Brasil

    Giba Assis Brasil Screenplay, Editing

  14. Photo of Jorge Furtado

    Jorge Furtado Screenplay

  15. Photo of Fiapo Barth

    Fiapo Barth Production Design

  16. Photo of Tiago Bello

    Tiago Bello Sound