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  1. Photo of Peter Solan

    Peter Solan Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Tibor Vichta

    Tibor Vichta Screenplay

  3. Photo of Michal Belák

    Michal Belák Cast

  4. Photo of Stano Dančiak

    Stano Dančiak Cast

  5. Photo of Vladimír Durdík

    Vladimír Durdík Cast

  6. Photo of Arnold J. Frano

    Arnold J. Frano Cast

  7. Photo of Jana Gýrová

    Jana Gýrová Cast

  8. Photo of Ernest Kostelník

    Ernest Kostelník Cast

  9. Photo of Ivan Krivosudsky

    Ivan Krivosudsky Cast

  10. Photo of Juraj Král

    Juraj Král Cast

  11. Photo of Marián Labuda

    Marián Labuda Cast

  12. Photo of Marcela Laiferová

    Marcela Laiferová Cast

  13. Photo of Gejza Maráky

    Gejza Maráky Cast

  14. Photo of Eduard Pavlícek

    Eduard Pavlícek Cast

  15. Photo of Viliam Polónyi

    Viliam Polónyi Cast

  16. Photo of Július Pántik

    Július Pántik Cast

  17. Photo of Ondrej Racko

    Ondrej Racko Cast

  18. Photo of Jaromír Rozsíval

    Jaromír Rozsíval Cast

  19. Photo of Karol Spišák

    Karol Spišák Cast

  20. Photo of Erna Suchánková

    Erna Suchánková Cast

  21. Photo of Valentina Thielová

    Valentina Thielová Cast

  22. Photo of Jitka Zelenohorská

    Jitka Zelenohorská Cast

  23. Photo of Vincent Rosinec

    Vincent Rosinec Cinematography

  24. Photo of Maximilián Remen

    Maximilián Remen Editing

  25. Photo of Stanislava Vanícková

    Stanislava Vanícková Costume Design