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  1. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film Behemoth

  2. $ROBINROSA$'s rating of the film Behemoth

    Courageous workers. Who do not stir away from death. where is the instinct of self-preservation gone?

  3. εξώτερο Διάστημα's rating of the film Behemoth

    China produces the most coal yet miners don't get even shower, they rub their bodies with soaked rags. Classical recipe for a powerful state: don't give a fuck about workers. Accredited in the USSR where many major economic feats and works of infrastructure were done by inmates on whom the state spent nothing, who cared if they dropped off when so many remained? I heard Greymachine's "Disconnected" album all through.

  4. wu.meaningless's rating of the film Behemoth

    Color effected sweeping landscapes. The workers are reduced to being wretched, thou that is never the sum of who people are. Read the script to know what the narrative is hoping to translate since the imagery fails to tell a clear story. The prism effects are TERRIBLE and TACKY. If you think this movie is brillant, I would argue that you do not know any coal miners. The video does lean towards solidarity thou.

  5. LAB ARBUTA's rating of the film Behemoth

  6. -REM-'s rating of the film Behemoth

  7. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Behemoth

    Filme que apunta a la denuncia sobre la explotación de las mineras a costas de los trabajadores y la naturaleza. El documental de Liang se ajusta a una visión panorámica de los acontecimientos desoladores de una sociedad que ligeramente se consume. Anula el testimonio directo y lo remplaza por una reflexión lírica y melancólica. Es este mismo un idioma metafóricamente pretencioso que la debilita.

  8. adalpi's rating of the film Behemoth

    «Il quinto giorno Dio creò la bestia Behemoth. Era il più grande mostro sulla faccia della Terra. Per sfamarlo, occorreva il cibo prodotto da migliaia di montagne». Viaggio attraverso l'inferno del documentarista cinese Zhao Liang, sotto la guida di un Virgilio portante uno specchio, lo specchio che riflette sul mostro, lo spettatore, l'uomo, artefice dello stesso inferno in cui si è gettato.

  9. Dries's rating of the film Behemoth

  10. Ale/M's rating of the film Behemoth

  11. TZUHSIEN TANG's rating of the film Behemoth

  12. Nadin's rating of the film Behemoth

    Absolutely stunning film about the beast that is civilisation and everything that comes with it. More thoughts on my website:

  13. Jérôme's rating of the film Behemoth

    A bit boring at some point but very powerful too

  14. Jorge Mourinha's rating of the film Behemoth

    Hell in a handbasket.

  15. Jorge Sobral's rating of the film Behemoth

    A mythistory that founds the struggle of the working class. The need for the suppression of labour, progressive and abysmally precarious in a blackmailer system governed by the capitalist fallacy of growth, is the demythification.

  16. affasf's rating of the film Behemoth

    The alteration of landscape, the tech-obtained habitat. This is the place in cosmos we synthesized for ourselves, the only way we can call natural. A greenhouse creation that clashes with the definition of objective reality through abhorrent, self-inflicted wounds, which lips can’t be sutured without further additives. Concrete gargantuas silently oversee the pestilent passage in the mimicry of their old owner.

  17. paxy's rating of the film Behemoth