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  1. Photo of Hannes Holm

    Hannes Holm Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Patrick Ryborn

    Patrick Ryborn Producer

  3. Photo of Göran Hallberg

    Göran Hallberg Cinematography

  4. Photo of Fredrik Morheden

    Fredrik Morheden Editing

  5. Photo of Bill Skarsgård

    Bill Skarsgård Cast

  6. Photo of Peter Dalle

    Peter Dalle Cast

  7. Photo of Josefin Ljungman

    Josefin Ljungman Cast

  8. Photo of Amanda Ooms

    Amanda Ooms Cast

  9. Photo of Björn Kjellman

    Björn Kjellman Cast

  10. Photo of Adam Pålsson

    Adam Pålsson Cast

  11. Photo of Rasmus Troedsson

    Rasmus Troedsson Cast

  12. Photo of Annika Olsson

    Annika Olsson Cast

  13. Photo of Peter Engman

    Peter Engman Cast

  14. Photo of Mattias Bärjed

    Mattias Bärjed Music

  15. Photo of Jan Olof Ågren

    Jan Olof Ågren Production Design