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  1. Photo of Anka Schmid

    Anka Schmid Director, Editing, and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Volkhart Buff

    Volkhart Buff Cast

  3. Photo of Sonja Deutsch

    Sonja Deutsch Cast

  4. Photo of Maria Fitzi

    Maria Fitzi Cast

  5. Photo of Susanne Fitzner

    Susanne Fitzner Cast

  6. Photo of Alfred Hartung

    Alfred Hartung Cast

  7. Photo of Simone Hoffmann

    Simone Hoffmann Cast

  8. Photo of Birgit Kaenders

    Birgit Kaenders Cast

  9. Photo of Andreas Knoblauch

    Andreas Knoblauch Cast

  10. Photo of Aline Krajewski

    Aline Krajewski Cast

  11. Photo of Eva-Maria Kurz

    Eva-Maria Kurz Cast

  12. Photo of Fortune Claude Leite

    Fortune Claude Leite Cast

  13. Photo of Hans Madin

    Hans Madin Cast

  14. Photo of Christoph Marti

    Christoph Marti Cast

  15. Photo of Bettina Münch

    Bettina Münch Cast

  16. Photo of Walter Pfeil

    Walter Pfeil Cast

  17. Photo of Helga Stoop

    Helga Stoop Cast

  18. Photo of Rolf Teigler

    Rolf Teigler Cast

  19. Photo of Jockel Tschiersch

    Jockel Tschiersch Cast

  20. Photo of Hans-Erich Viet

    Hans-Erich Viet Cast

  21. Photo of Nadine Wagner

    Nadine Wagner Cast

  22. Photo of Andreas Wobin

    Andreas Wobin Cast

  23. Photo of Ciro Cappellari

    Ciro Cappellari Cinematography

  24. Photo of Klaus Wagner

    Klaus Wagner Music

  25. Photo of Andrea Hollmann

    Andrea Hollmann Production Design

  26. Photo of Martin Schmassmann

    Martin Schmassmann Producer

  27. Photo of Inge Schneider

    Inge Schneider Editing

  28. Photo of Jan Ralske

    Jan Ralske Sound

  29. Photo of Martin Steyer

    Martin Steyer Sound

  30. Photo of Yasmin Ramadan

    Yasmin Ramadan Costume Design