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Ratings & Reviews

  1. José Neves's rating of the film Behind the Sun

    TV. When I sit down on the couch, due to the fatigue of the work for the tax society, i get some clear examples of the cinematographic actuality: themes associated with formless clips, full of visual and dramatic effects, that both draw to feelings as to photoshop and phoney camera. The banality of bad.

  2. Tigrão's rating of the film Behind the Sun

    I loved the story, but I have to admit, this film features some of the most stunning cinematography I've ever seen. All the richness of the earth's colors and tones are brilliantly captured here. It is absolutely spotless in terms of directing and filming. As a story, it has its flaws, but it's so minor I won't even bother.

  3. Paul F. Roper's rating of the film Behind the Sun

    A fairly intense movie about people trapped by poverty and "tradition". The blood feud is un-winnable, but must continue in the name of honor, even though it will eventually lead to the extermination of the weaker foe. Beautifully shot and well told, to say more would spoil the pleasure of watching this excellent film.

  4. Borges's rating of the film Behind the Sun

  5. Addiena of Mubi land's rating of the film Behind the Sun

    An excellent story. Really beautifully crafted. Definitely one of Walter Salles's best after my all time favorite Central Station. Really recommended.

  6. Max's rating of the film Behind the Sun

    i was 15 when this came out. i saw it on my own then dragged 5 friends with me to see it again. though none of us were purveyors of foreign cinema at the time we were all entranced by the earthen rhythm and imagery; yellow blood on a shirt, mythic depictions of carnival & sea, the swing repitition, the openness and urge for the outside world of Pacu against inevitable familial duty. it is sincere.