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  1. Scott Dubin's rating of the film Being 14

    The film has unlikeable characters. I would guess film was made to highlight feminist issues: the teen girls slut shame each other for sex while hypocritically are eager to lose their virginity with guys they don't like. The guys are one dimensional and do little but pose and be overly aggressive and gropy. The girls are mean to each other, inspired by problems at home. There is little catharsis from these issues.

  2. christian's rating of the film Being 14

    I gave up. 20 mins into the movie. It's unwatchable: One long sequence of unbelievably obnoxious characters who sexually taunt, harass and insult each others. The guys are all disgusting. And the girls are all vapid. No depth. If this is truly what being a 14 year old school kid in France today, "Eh bein, Bravo la France!"

  3. Zane DeLong's rating of the film Being 14

    Gets the feelings of being a teenager right. They're irritating, hormonal monsters lashing out at whatever doesn't fit their tiny worldview. But it contextualizes it with boredom, sexual awakening, and family friction. So the characters are sympathetic because we get a sense of the confusion they feel in this setting. But it wasn't until one character shows magnanimity to another I thought, "They don't seem so bad."

  4. Sunil Chauhan's rating of the film Being 14

    Non-sensationalistic and free of arthouse stylisation/self-consciousness, it sometimes looked a bit like it's for TV, but that somehow makes it seem realer, more down to earth, more true to life. A great modest movie with some really good, sensitive performances that's about girls' friendships, female bravado, school power plays, the scariness of sex, parent-child frustrations and the persecution complex of being 14.

  5. Funda Can Çuvalcı's rating of the film Being 14

    3.5/5. It is not only about being 14 and the relations between boys and girls. It is also about being grown up, discovering oneself, having experiences, disappointments, relationships between parents and daughters. For me, it is noteworthy to think of the relationship between mothers and daughters especially during those years.

  6. Angus George Alexander Brown's rating of the film Being 14

    A solid arc, but uninspiring apart from a few taught sequences.

  7. G.'s rating of the film Being 14

    As beautifully vapid as the young women it celebrates; a fantastic testament to the ways in which women are becoming just as soulless as men.

  8. captainfez's rating of the film Being 14

    Obviously I went to the wrong parties when I was 14.

  9. Superfrog's rating of the film Being 14

    Plenty of scope for a terrible film, but it is not. Nothing amazing, just a film that matches where the form manages to match the shape of the slog of a bunch of female French teens in provincial France.

  10. Corey's rating of the film Being 14

    Too. Real. After viewing this film, I have reconfirmed my commitment to never have children.

  11. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Being 14

    I hated the likes of Thirteen and Megan Is Missing, yet I ended up quite enjoying Being 14. Perhaps it was because the bad behaviour was tempered by more enjoyable moments. Perhaps it was because of the way in which the French seem to treat their teenagers and children in a less condescending manner. Perhaps I just enjoyed the writing/direction from Helene Zimmer more, and the lead performance from Athalia Routier.

  12. Bafzer's rating of the film Being 14

    Such a hardstyle film.

  13. David R Williams's rating of the film Being 14

    I suppose were I an adolescent French girl I would have this rather compelling. I am not and I did not. Some fine performances nevertheless.

  14. Korial's rating of the film Being 14

  15. lou.'s rating of the film Being 14

    C'est difficile d'être des adolescents - et bien aussi leurs parents - surtout en ces temps: l'intimidation et l'humiliation parmi les plus jeunes, c'est à la une, jour après jour. Mais à ce sujet on pourrait dire beaucoup plus, et mieux. Dommage pour l'opportunité ratée.

  16. nvmore's rating of the film Being 14

  17. tristanetyseut's rating of the film Being 14

    The Mean Girls of Suburban France! An answer to Linday Lohan.

  18. chloe's rating of the film Being 14

    too real. it hurt to watch at times it was such an accurate portrayal, but also beautifully human and touchingly true to the difficulties, confusion and insecurities of young people in search of recognition, love and affection.

  19. Tja's rating of the film Being 14

    Being 16+ more like to judge from the appearance of these teenage protagonists. Loved the final long-shot of the provincial French town, its apparent rural quiet containing all the preceding angst. Otherwise, unremarkable.

  20. Emil's rating of the film Being 14

    Hola! Me parece muy interesante la pelicula! Esta es una edad muy intensa y conflictiva, la peli lo refleja muy bien!

  21. chazell's rating of the film Being 14

    another perfect example of tween life from france, always with a well lit dance scene

  22. Joshua Paolino's rating of the film Being 14

    Honest portrayal; I teach middle schoolers and this is not too far off.

  23. Ayesha Casely-Hayford's rating of the film Being 14

    "how do you know what I think?" That sums up the film. About much more than being 14. It is a representation of society, kids pulled and pushed, dictated to, not listened to. Governed by big babies who call themselves adults and who are just violent as hell. Naturalistic and brilliant acting throughout and without fault. And LOVE the "this is face discrimination!" line - hilarious, and bang on! Voice of truth.

  24. karl's rating of the film Being 14

    What was the point of this? Really. Where did the bully child go? She was such a beta female and then just disappeared. Pivotal moments in the film just evaporated. A real loss of an opportunity here to develop something greater. 1 star for some of the Instagramesque cinematography.