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  1. Joshua Porter's rating of the film Being Us

    What an absolutely stellar performance by Alanna Ubach! Under the watchful eye of director Sam Hancock, "Being Us" is a film that will stay with you for quite some time. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  2. Howe D. Doodatt's rating of the film Being Us

    This is a tour de force for Alanna Ubach! You've never seen her in a role like this, and she is supported by a great indie cast & crew!

  3. Amelia Belle's rating of the film Being Us

  4. El Biffo's rating of the film Being Us

    Powerful debut by indie auteur Sam Hancock. Categorized as a drama (I hate categories!), I'm calling this a psychological thriller. Stylized and smart, with cinematography by Paul Nordin, who also collaborated with Hancock on his highly-anticipated AUGUST FALLS (starring Fairuza Balk, Ed Norton's evil neo-nazi ex-gf from AMERICAN HISTORY X). I like the alternate title for this film, SHADES OF A NYMPHO.