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  1. Photo of Osman F. Seden

    Osman F. Seden Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Fatma Girik

    Fatma Girik Producer

  3. Photo of Kemal Sunal

    Kemal Sunal Producer and Cast

  4. Photo of Semra Türel

    Semra Türel Cast

  5. Photo of Reha Yurdakul

    Reha Yurdakul Cast

  6. Photo of Ekrem Dümer

    Ekrem Dümer Cast

  7. Photo of Kazim Eryüksel

    Kazim Eryüksel Cast

  8. Photo of Alpay Izer

    Alpay Izer Cast

  9. Photo of Yavuz Karakas

    Yavuz Karakas Cast

  10. Photo of Hakkı Kıvanç

    Hakkı Kıvanç Cast

  11. Photo of Ahmet Kostarika

    Ahmet Kostarika Cast

  12. Photo of Yasar Sener

    Yasar Sener Cast

  13. Photo of Zeki Sezer

    Zeki Sezer Cast

  14. Photo of Baki Tamer

    Baki Tamer Cast

  15. Photo of Mustafa Yavuz

    Mustafa Yavuz Cast

  16. Photo of Seref Çokseker

    Seref Çokseker Cast

  17. Photo of Memduh Ün

    Memduh Ün Cast