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  1. Photo of Luigi Rovere

    Luigi Rovere Producer

  2. Photo of Sandro Continenza

    Sandro Continenza Screenplay

  3. Photo of Nando Cicero

    Nando Cicero Screenplay and Director

  4. Photo of Gian Carlo Fusco

    Gian Carlo Fusco Screenplay

  5. Photo of Aldo Giordani

    Aldo Giordani Cinematography

  6. Photo of Amedeo Mellone

    Amedeo Mellone Production Design

  7. Photo of Carlo Rustichelli

    Carlo Rustichelli Music

  8. Photo of Marisa Mell

    Marisa Mell Cast

  9. Photo of Carlo Giuffrè

    Carlo Giuffrè Cast

  10. Photo of Erika Blanc

    Erika Blanc Cast

  11. Photo of Gina Rovere

    Gina Rovere Cast

  12. Photo of Elena Fiore

    Elena Fiore Cast

  13. Photo of Nino Terzo

    Nino Terzo Cast

  14. Photo of Dante Cleri

    Dante Cleri Cast

  15. Photo of Renato Pinciroli

    Renato Pinciroli Cast

  16. Photo of Ugo Fangareggi

    Ugo Fangareggi Cast

  17. Photo of Gino Pagnani

    Gino Pagnani Cast

  18. Photo of Giacomo Rizzo

    Giacomo Rizzo Cast

  19. Photo of Renato Malavasi

    Renato Malavasi Cast

  20. Photo of Adriana Facchetti

    Adriana Facchetti Cast