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  1. Photo of Henry Levin

    Henry Levin Director

  2. Photo of Phoebe Ephron

    Phoebe Ephron Screenplay

  3. Photo of Henry Ephron

    Henry Ephron Screenplay

  4. Photo of Frank B. Gilbreth Jr.

    Frank B. Gilbreth Jr. Screenplay

  5. Photo of Ernestine Gilbreth Carey

    Ernestine Gilbreth Carey Screenplay

  6. Photo of Jeanne Crain

    Jeanne Crain Cast

  7. Photo of Myrna Loy

    Myrna Loy Cast

  8. Photo of Debra Paget

    Debra Paget Cast

  9. Photo of Jeffrey Hunter

    Jeffrey Hunter Cast

  10. Photo of Edward Arnold

    Edward Arnold Cast

  11. Photo of Hoagy Carmichael

    Hoagy Carmichael Cast

  12. Photo of Barbara Bates

    Barbara Bates Cast

  13. Photo of Robert Arthur

    Robert Arthur Cast

  14. Photo of Verna Felton

    Verna Felton Cast

  15. Photo of Carol Nugent

    Carol Nugent Cast

  16. Photo of Tina Thompson

    Tina Thompson Cast

  17. Photo of Teddy Driver

    Teddy Driver Cast

  18. Photo of Tommy Ivo

    Tommy Ivo Cast

  19. Photo of Jimmy Hunt

    Jimmy Hunt Cast

  20. Photo of Anthony Sydes

    Anthony Sydes Cast

  21. Photo of Martin Milner

    Martin Milner Cast

  22. Photo of Clay Randolph

    Clay Randolph Cast

  23. Photo of June Hedin

    June Hedin Cast

  24. Photo of Robert Easton

    Robert Easton Cast

  25. Photo of Cecil Weston

    Cecil Weston Cast

  26. Photo of Lori Lanegger

    Lori Lanegger Cast

  27. Photo of Arthur E. Arling

    Arthur E. Arling Cinematography

  28. Photo of Cyril J. Mockridge

    Cyril J. Mockridge Music

  29. Photo of Leland Fuller

    Leland Fuller Production Design

  30. Photo of Lyle R. Wheeler

    Lyle R. Wheeler Production Design

  31. Photo of Samuel G. Engel

    Samuel G. Engel Producer

  32. Photo of Robert Fritch

    Robert Fritch Editing

  33. Photo of Roger Heman Sr.

    Roger Heman Sr. Sound

  34. Photo of Arthur von Kirbach

    Arthur von Kirbach Sound