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  1. Photo of Gottfried Kolditz

    Gottfried Kolditz Director

  2. Photo of Maurycy Janowski

    Maurycy Janowski Screenplay and Music

  3. Photo of Gottfried Koloditz

    Gottfried Koloditz Screenplay

  4. Photo of Rolf Herricht

    Rolf Herricht Cast

  5. Photo of Karin Schröder

    Karin Schröder Cast

  6. Photo of Marianne Wünscher

    Marianne Wünscher Cast

  7. Photo of Gerd Ehlers

    Gerd Ehlers Cast

  8. Photo of Jochen Thomas

    Jochen Thomas Cast

  9. Photo of Mathilde Danegger

    Mathilde Danegger Cast

  10. Photo of Peter Dommisch

    Peter Dommisch Cast

  11. Photo of Carola Braunbock

    Carola Braunbock Cast

  12. Photo of Werner Lierck

    Werner Lierck Cast

  13. Photo of Siegfried Göhler

    Siegfried Göhler Cast

  14. Photo of Günter Haubold

    Günter Haubold Cinematography

  15. Photo of Conny Odd

    Conny Odd Music

  16. Photo of Karl-Ernst Sasse

    Karl-Ernst Sasse Music

  17. Photo of Erich Krüllke

    Erich Krüllke Production Design

  18. Photo of Werner Pieske

    Werner Pieske Production Design

  19. Photo of Ursula Zweig

    Ursula Zweig Editing

  20. Photo of Babette Koplowitz

    Babette Koplowitz Costume Design