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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Shawn Bhandari's rating of the film Beloved

    this movie is an american masterpiece, y'all suck.

  2. DisRegarding Henry's rating of the film Beloved

    Not entirely sure how I felt about this one. An odd mixture of drama and horror, epic in sweep, yet intimate in tone. I was confused by most of it, and yet, there were moments that did strike me. The performances by Winfrey and Glover convey such deep sorrow. I don’t think it’s completely successful but it does confront an appalling period of American history in a unique way.

  3. ktr's rating of the film Beloved

    favorite scenes: first appearance of beloved, baby suggs' speeches on the rock, the church women gathering to exorcise

  4. speedball's rating of the film Beloved

  5. Christopher McQuain's rating of the film Beloved

  6. Andrew Miller's rating of the film Beloved

    Lifeless adaptation of a powerful novel-- it would need a more distinctive directorial sensibility that could interpret, and not just represent.

  7. Tiphaine Tatin de Lattre's rating of the film Beloved

    Toni Morrisson's style is waaaay too complex and visceral to be turned into a b series film with Oprah.

  8. anarresti's rating of the film Beloved

    Disturbing. Haunting. Love, a mother's love is not something the universe, or men's petty laws, society, civilization, costumary brutalities, can mess with. The ways scars have to heal are more mysterious than any god's ways. This is a story that is not easy, not pretty, not peacefull. It seeks its own redemption. Like love, healing. Like love amongst the dogs of hate. Like the instincts of an animal in a storm.

  9. muttenslayer's rating of the film Beloved

    I so love this movie I watch it all the time every day in the morning after dropping my partner off to work love it

  10. Nikola's rating of the film Beloved

    Perhaps it gets a little lost somewhere on the way (and it requires superhuman endurance on the part of the movie-goer), but Beloved is an amazing film adaptation of an amazing book.

  11. eeench's rating of the film Beloved

    The acting was horrific, the worst I've seen in ages! Each time Thandie Newton entered the scene I threw up a little in my mouth! It's a shame though because the book is pretty good.