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  1. Photo of Ventura Pons

    Ventura Pons Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Josep Maria Benet i Jornet

    Josep Maria Benet i Jornet Screenplay

  3. Photo of Josep Maria Pou

    Josep Maria Pou Cast

  4. Photo of Rosa Maria Sardà

    Rosa Maria Sardà Cast

  5. Photo of Mario Gas

    Mario Gas Cast

  6. Photo of David Selvas

    David Selvas Cast

  7. Photo of Irene Montalà

    Irene Montalà Cast

  8. Photo of Jordi Dauder

    Jordi Dauder Cast

  9. Photo of Ángels Sánchez

    Ángels Sánchez Cast

  10. Photo of Tàtels Pérez

    Tàtels Pérez Cast

  11. Photo of Jordi Andújar

    Jordi Andújar Cast

  12. Photo of Daniel Tlambors

    Daniel Tlambors Cast

  13. Photo of Josep Clarà

    Josep Clarà Cast

  14. Photo of Josep Mota

    Josep Mota Cast

  15. Photo of Jesús Escosa

    Jesús Escosa Cinematography and Music

  16. Photo of Carles Cases

    Carles Cases Music

  17. Photo of Bel-Lo Torras

    Bel-Lo Torras Production Design

  18. Photo of Joan Carles Ramón

    Joan Carles Ramón Production Design

  19. Photo of Pere Abadal

    Pere Abadal Editing