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  1. Serge's rating of the film Ben X

  2. Balthaz21's rating of the film Ben X

  3. Tuba Özgilik's rating of the film Ben X


  4.'s rating of the film Ben X

    (...) Manchmal bricht mir Ben X fast das Herz, wenn die ganze Schulklasse Ben verspottet, der vergeblich versucht, sich zu wehren. In diesen Momenten ist Ben X aufrichtig und erschütternd - um dann wieder abzuschweifen. Immer, wenn die Gedankenwelt von Ben simuliert wird im Video Game, unterwandert der Film seine besten Szenen mit offensichtlichen Manierismen(...)

  5. Linda's rating of the film Ben X

    really intense movie! I first thought the gaming sequences would be annoying, but they are really fitting and it works in this case. It shows the hard reality about being different than anybody else and how people treat you on an everyday basis. The ending is amazing, so if you don't like this movie just watch until the end!

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  7. J. O.'s rating of the film Ben X

    Some sequences were quite pretty, but overall this film is a stale and simplified way of looking at disability and bullying. The constant referral to the gaming world was tiring and overused - the audience isn't that stupid, it understands Ben's making reference to his game world, the constant referral is just an annoyance. "Rat King" from Finland seems like a much more interesting meditation on a similar subject.

  8. jhayyy's rating of the film Ben X

    *** De bonnes idées pour montrer comment les personnes autistes appréhendent leur environnement. Le scénario est surprenant.

  9. kopfkompass's rating of the film Ben X

    Great innovative look, interesting toppic but slightly too violent for my taste.

  10. Tyler Aikens's rating of the film Ben X

    A decent movie... until it's final third, where everything becomes muddled and confusing and half-hearted. Let me ask you this: why is it that, according to this movie, bullying someone is wrong but staging your own death, and thus upsetting your community just to call out a few jackasses, is acceptable?