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  1. Photo of Gurinder Chadha

    Gurinder Chadha Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Deepak Nayar

    Deepak Nayar Producer

  3. Photo of Guljit Bindra

    Guljit Bindra Screenplay

  4. Photo of Paul Mayeda Berges

    Paul Mayeda Berges Screenplay

  5. Photo of Jong Lin

    Jong Lin Cinematography

  6. Photo of Parminder Nagra

    Parminder Nagra Cast

  7. Photo of Keira Knightley

    Keira Knightley Cast

  8. Photo of Jonathan Rhys Meyers

    Jonathan Rhys Meyers Cast

  9. Photo of Anupam Kher

    Anupam Kher Cast

  10. Photo of Archie Panjabi

    Archie Panjabi Cast

  11. Photo of Shaznay Lewis

    Shaznay Lewis Cast

  12. Photo of Frank Harper

    Frank Harper Cast

  13. Photo of Juliet Stevenson

    Juliet Stevenson Cast

  14. Photo of Shaheen Khan

    Shaheen Khan Cast

  15. Photo of Ameet Chana

    Ameet Chana Cast

  16. Photo of Pooja Shah

    Pooja Shah Cast

  17. Photo of Paven Virk

    Paven Virk Cast

  18. Photo of Preeya Kalidas

    Preeya Kalidas Cast

  19. Photo of Trey Farley

    Trey Farley Cast

  20. Photo of Saraj Chaudhry

    Saraj Chaudhry Cast

  21. Photo of Nick Ellis

    Nick Ellis Production Design

  22. Photo of Justin Krish

    Justin Krish Editing