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  1. Photo of Ted Post

    Ted Post Director

  2. Photo of Arthur P. Jacobs

    Arthur P. Jacobs Producer

  3. Photo of Paul Dehn

    Paul Dehn Screenplay

  4. Photo of Mort Abrahams

    Mort Abrahams Screenplay

  5. Photo of Pierre Boulle

    Pierre Boulle Screenplay

  6. Photo of Milton R. Krasner

    Milton R. Krasner Cinematography

  7. Photo of James Franciscus

    James Franciscus Cast

  8. Photo of Kim Hunter

    Kim Hunter Cast

  9. Photo of Maurice Evans

    Maurice Evans Cast

  10. Photo of Linda Harrison

    Linda Harrison Cast

  11. Photo of Paul Richards

    Paul Richards Cast

  12. Photo of Victor Buono

    Victor Buono Cast

  13. Photo of James Gregory

    James Gregory Cast

  14. Photo of Jeff Corey

    Jeff Corey Cast

  15. Photo of Natalie Trundy

    Natalie Trundy Cast

  16. Photo of Thomas Gomez

    Thomas Gomez Cast

  17. Photo of David Watson

    David Watson Cast

  18. Photo of Don Pedro Colley

    Don Pedro Colley Cast

  19. Photo of Tod Andrews

    Tod Andrews Cast

  20. Photo of Lou Wagner

    Lou Wagner Cast

  21. Photo of Charlton Heston

    Charlton Heston Cast

  22. Photo of Marion Rothman

    Marion Rothman Editing

  23. Photo of Leonard Rosenman

    Leonard Rosenman Music

  24. Photo of Stephen Bass

    Stephen Bass Sound

  25. Photo of David Dockendorf

    David Dockendorf Sound

  26. Photo of Morton Haack

    Morton Haack Costume Design