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  1. Photo of Gísli Snær Erlingsson

    Gísli Snær Erlingsson Director

  2. Photo of Friðrik Erlingsson

    Friðrik Erlingsson Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sturla Sighvatsson

    Sturla Sighvatsson Cast

  4. Photo of Gunnar Atli Cauthery

    Gunnar Atli Cauthery Cast

  5. Photo of Sigfús Sturluson

    Sigfús Sturluson Cast

  6. Photo of Hjörleifur Björnsson

    Hjörleifur Björnsson Cast

  7. Photo of Guðrún Þ. Stephensen

    Guðrún Þ. Stephensen Cast

  8. Photo of Arnar Einarsson

    Arnar Einarsson Cast

  9. Photo of Ingi Eggert Ásbjarnarson

    Ingi Eggert Ásbjarnarson Cast

  10. Photo of Pálmi Gestsson

    Pálmi Gestsson Cast

  11. Photo of Sigrún Gylfadóttir

    Sigrún Gylfadóttir Cast

  12. Photo of Guðmundur Haraldsson

    Guðmundur Haraldsson Cast

  13. Photo of Elva Ósk Ólafsdóttir

    Elva Ósk Ólafsdóttir Cast

  14. Photo of Hilmar Birgir Ólafsson

    Hilmar Birgir Ólafsson Cast

  15. Photo of Magnús Ólafsson

    Magnús Ólafsson Cast

  16. Photo of Guðbjörg Thoroddsen

    Guðbjörg Thoroddsen Cast

  17. Photo of Sigurður Sverrir Pálsson

    Sigurður Sverrir Pálsson Cinematography

  18. Photo of Ólafur Gaukur

    Ólafur Gaukur Music

  19. Photo of Karl Aspelund

    Karl Aspelund Production Design

  20. Photo of Baldur Hrafnkell Jónsson

    Baldur Hrafnkell Jónsson Producer

  21. Photo of Kerstin Eriksdotter

    Kerstin Eriksdotter Editing