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  1. Photo of Jannik Hastrup

    Jannik Hastrup Director and Animation

  2. Photo of Flemming Quist Møller

    Flemming Quist Møller Director, Screenplay Production Design

  3. Photo of Anni Holst

    Anni Holst Producer

  4. Photo of Per Holst

    Per Holst Producer

  5. Photo of Hans-Henrik Ley

    Hans-Henrik Ley Music

  6. Photo of Poul Dupont

    Poul Dupont Cinematography

  7. Photo of Henrik Carlsen

    Henrik Carlsen Editing

  8. Photo of Mike Nielsen

    Mike Nielsen Sound

  9. Photo of Flemming Jensen

    Flemming Jensen Animation

  10. Photo of Per Tønnes Nielsen

    Per Tønnes Nielsen Animation and Cast

  11. Photo of Bent Steffensen

    Bent Steffensen Animation

  12. Photo of Bo Jakobsen

    Bo Jakobsen Cast

  13. Photo of Jesper Klein

    Jesper Klein Cast

  14. Photo of Peter Belli

    Peter Belli Cast

  15. Photo of Jytte Abildstrøm

    Jytte Abildstrøm Cast

  16. Photo of Otto Brandenburg

    Otto Brandenburg Cast

  17. Photo of Jytte Hauch-Fausbøll

    Jytte Hauch-Fausbøll Cast

  18. Photo of Rolf Krogh

    Rolf Krogh Cast

  19. Photo of Povl Dissing

    Povl Dissing Cast

  20. Photo of Per Goldschmidt

    Per Goldschmidt Cast

  21. Photo of Aya

    Aya Cast

  22. Photo of Maia Årskov

    Maia Årskov Cast

  23. Photo of Trille

    Trille Cast

  24. Photo of Christian Sievert

    Christian Sievert Cast

  25. Photo of Allan Botschinsky

    Allan Botschinsky Cast