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  1. Photo of Patrick Dempsey

    Patrick Dempsey Director

  2. Photo of Fernando Eimbcke

    Fernando Eimbcke Director

  3. Photo of Dennis Gansel

    Dennis Gansel Director

  4. Photo of Jan Ole Gerster

    Jan Ole Gerster Director

  5. Photo of Shekhar Kapur

    Shekhar Kapur Director

  6. Photo of Oren Moverman

    Oren Moverman Director

  7. Photo of Giuseppe Tornatore

    Giuseppe Tornatore Director

  8. Photo of Tom Van Avermaet

    Tom Van Avermaet Director

  9. Photo of Ai Weiwei

    Ai Weiwei Director

  10. Photo of Alison Kathleen Kelly

    Alison Kathleen Kelly Screenplay

  11. Photo of Tom Van Avermaet

    Tom Van Avermaet Screenplay

  12. Photo of David Vernon

    David Vernon Screenplay

  13. Photo of Steffen Aumueller

    Steffen Aumueller Executive Producer

  14. Photo of Emmanuel Benbihy

    Emmanuel Benbihy Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Claus Clausen

    Claus Clausen Producer

  16. Photo of Josef Steinberger

    Josef Steinberger Producer

  17. Photo of Alice de Sousa

    Alice de Sousa Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Katharina Kowalewski

    Katharina Kowalewski Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Edda Reiser

    Edda Reiser Executive Producer

  20. Photo of David Scheunemann

    David Scheunemann Production Design

  21. Photo of Heike Fademrecht

    Heike Fademrecht Costume Design

  22. Photo of Renée Zellweger

    Renée Zellweger Cast

  23. Photo of Jack Huston

    Jack Huston Cast

  24. Photo of Sophie Turner

    Sophie Turner Cast

  25. Photo of Jared Leto

    Jared Leto Cast

  26. Photo of Gemma Arterton

    Gemma Arterton Cast

  27. Photo of Orlando Bloom

    Orlando Bloom Cast

  28. Photo of Diego Luna

    Diego Luna Cast

  29. Photo of Patrick Dempsey

    Patrick Dempsey Cast