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  1. Photo of Dieter Berner

    Dieter Berner Director

  2. Photo of Hilde Berger

    Hilde Berger Screenplay

  3. Photo of Heiko Martens

    Heiko Martens Screenplay

  4. Photo of Silke Schulz

    Silke Schulz Screenplay

  5. Photo of Paul Schwarz

    Paul Schwarz Screenplay

  6. Photo of Arthur Schnitzler

    Arthur Schnitzler Screenplay

  7. Photo of Vincent Doddema

    Vincent Doddema Cast

  8. Photo of Johanna Geissler

    Johanna Geissler Cast

  9. Photo of Robert Gwisdek

    Robert Gwisdek Cast

  10. Photo of Florian Hertweck

    Florian Hertweck Cast

  11. Photo of Jana Klinge

    Jana Klinge Cast

  12. Photo of Nina Machalz

    Nina Machalz Cast

  13. Photo of Laina Schwarz

    Laina Schwarz Cast

  14. Photo of Sebastian Stielke

    Sebastian Stielke Cast

  15. Photo of Dirk Talága

    Dirk Talága Cast

  16. Photo of Felix Leiberg

    Felix Leiberg Cinematography

  17. Photo of Mark Chaet

    Mark Chaet Music

  18. Photo of Petra Ringleb

    Petra Ringleb Production Design

  19. Photo of Ursula Sass

    Ursula Sass Producer

  20. Photo of Robert Hentschel

    Robert Hentschel Editing