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  1. Photo of Jean Delannoy

    Jean Delannoy Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Robert Arnaut

    Robert Arnaut Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sydney Penny

    Sydney Penny Cast

  4. Photo of Jean-Marc Bory

    Jean-Marc Bory Cast

  5. Photo of Jean-Marie Bernicat

    Jean-Marie Bernicat Cast

  6. Photo of Philippe Brigaud

    Philippe Brigaud Cast

  7. Photo of Bernard Cazassus

    Bernard Cazassus Cast

  8. Photo of François Dalou

    François Dalou Cast

  9. Photo of Roland Lesaffre

    Roland Lesaffre Cast

  10. Photo of Michèle Simonnet

    Michèle Simonnet Cast

  11. Photo of Jean Davy

    Jean Davy Cast

  12. Photo of Bernard Dhéran

    Bernard Dhéran Cast

  13. Photo of Arlette Didier

    Arlette Didier Cast

  14. Photo of Michel Duchaussoy

    Michel Duchaussoy Cast

  15. Photo of André Dumas

    André Dumas Cast

  16. Photo of Jean-Michel Farcy

    Jean-Michel Farcy Cast

  17. Photo of Véronique Guillaud

    Véronique Guillaud Cast

  18. Photo of Sylvie Herbert

    Sylvie Herbert Cast

  19. Photo of Idriss

    Idriss Cast

  20. Photo of Maurice Jacquemont

    Maurice Jacquemont Cast

  21. Photo of Jeanne Bérangère

    Jeanne Bérangère Cast

  22. Photo of Elisabeth Kaza

    Elisabeth Kaza Cast

  23. Photo of Max McCarthy

    Max McCarthy Cast

  24. Photo of Vicky Messica

    Vicky Messica Cast

  25. Photo of Claude Pascadel

    Claude Pascadel Cast

  26. Photo of Henri Poirier

    Henri Poirier Cast

  27. Photo of Catherine Rethi

    Catherine Rethi Cast

  28. Photo of Van Doude

    Van Doude Cast

  29. Photo of Jean Penzer

    Jean Penzer Cinematography

  30. Photo of Francis Lai

    Francis Lai Music

  31. Photo of Alain Paroutaud

    Alain Paroutaud Production Design

  32. Photo of Giancarlo Parretti

    Giancarlo Parretti Producer

  33. Photo of Jacques Quintard

    Jacques Quintard Executive Producer

  34. Photo of Annie Charvein

    Annie Charvein Editing

  35. Photo of Fred Mays

    Fred Mays Sound

  36. Photo of Gadou Naudin

    Gadou Naudin Sound

  37. Photo of Jacques Thomas-Gérard

    Jacques Thomas-Gérard Sound

  38. Photo of Guy Villette

    Guy Villette Sound

  39. Photo of Laurence Brignon

    Laurence Brignon Costume Design