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  1. Victor Morosoff's rating of the film Best Intentions

  2. CafeGradiva's rating of the film Best Intentions

  3. Ciprian David's rating of the film Best Intentions

    It seemed to my like an artificial Death of Mr. Lazarescu. Having the camera switching between POVs of characters the viewer doesn't identify with, seemed at first like a bold experiment, especially since a front-shot of the main character was probably the most used throughout the film. But the trick worked, and the film is a very engaging psycho-drama.

  4. Matt Richards's rating of the film Best Intentions

    A dialogue-heavy family drama about an overly concerned son and his ill mother. Whilst certainly reflecting the complications of family Best Intentions becomes quite tedious in the long run, choosing to play the same note over and over. The subjective camera work is quite fascinating to watch and the acting feels natural and engaging. 2.5 stars

  5. dBainy's rating of the film Best Intentions

    Too much dialogue. The movied really annoyed me. As it is I am annoyed by self-obsessive people who thinks they know best. I couldn't believe I spent 2 hours watching this boring annoying film. Point taken. We are all obessessed with our own ego and thoughts.

  6. Ciprian Ailenei's rating of the film Best Intentions

    I discovered Adrian Sitaru when seeing his well-known short film "Waves" and I pretty much fancy the guy's directing skills. Same goes for "Best Intentions": liked a lot the camera handling and the change of perspective and adored some of the characters (the 'almost' mad lady from the hospital does the magic). However, the storyline was sort of boring as I can't ever empathize with the main character's paranoia.