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  1. Photo of Brian Dennehy

    Brian Dennehy Cast

  2. Photo of James Woods

    James Woods Cast

  3. Photo of Victoria Tennant

    Victoria Tennant Cast

  4. Photo of Paul Shenar

    Paul Shenar Cast

  5. Photo of George Coe

    George Coe Cast

  6. Photo of Anne Pitoniak

    Anne Pitoniak Cast

  7. Photo of Sully Boyar

    Sully Boyar Cast

  8. Photo of Kathleen Lloyd

    Kathleen Lloyd Cast

  9. Photo of Allison Balson

    Allison Balson Cast

  10. Photo of Mary Carver

    Mary Carver Cast

  11. Photo of Harold Tyner

    Harold Tyner Cast

  12. Photo of John Flynn

    John Flynn Director

  13. Photo of Larry Cohen

    Larry Cohen Screenplay

  14. Photo of John Daly

    John Daly Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Derek Gibson

    Derek Gibson Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Carter DeHaven

    Carter DeHaven Producer

  17. Photo of Jay Ferguson

    Jay Ferguson Music

  18. Photo of Fred Murphy

    Fred Murphy Cinematography

  19. Photo of David Rosenbloom

    David Rosenbloom Editing

  20. Photo of Gene Rudolf

    Gene Rudolf Production Design

  21. Photo of Jeffrey Josephson

    Jeffrey Josephson Cast

  22. Photo of Edward Blackoff

    Edward Blackoff Cast

  23. Photo of J.P. Bumstead

    J.P. Bumstead Cast

  24. Photo of William Bronder

    William Bronder Cast

  25. Photo of Jenny Gago

    Jenny Gago Cast

  26. Photo of Michael Crabtree

    Michael Crabtree Cast

  27. Photo of David Ursin

    David Ursin Cast

  28. Photo of Jay Ingram

    Jay Ingram Cast

  29. Photo of Daniel Trent

    Daniel Trent Cast