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  1. Robert John Torres's rating of the film Bestiaire

    A haunting achievement that skirts any trace of sentimentality, whimsy, or melancholy and instead emerges as crystalline example of direct cinema, asserting Côté as a real non-fiction artisan. For something that hums along at such a placid frequency, points must be given for the nuanced editing, which subtly structures this collection of moments in such a delicate, meticulous manner. I'll never forget those zebras...

  2. aconeyisland's rating of the film Bestiaire

  3. MisterColo93's rating of the film Bestiaire

  4. FISCHER's rating of the film Bestiaire

    C'est navrant et désarmant à la fois, mais il y aura toujours des imbéciles qui trouveront de l'art ou de la poésie dans le filmage d'animaux enfermés dans des zoos, des cirques, des manèges. Notre pompeux et pimpant metteur en scène aura certainement penser à reverser le bénéfice de son film à quelques organismes comme le WWF, la SPA et autres consorts opposés à ces lugubres pratiques mercantiles. www.cinefiches.com

  5. Superfrog's rating of the film Bestiaire

    Something with animals, sometimes humans. Some pretty decent shots but otherwise raw material with no obvious link except the place and the presence of captive animals.

  6. misu's rating of the film Bestiaire

  7. GAB's rating of the film Bestiaire

    Magnifiques images cruelles ! Ce sont des êtres humains, comme nous qui souffrent et qui nous renvoient à nos piètres vies d’hommes.

  8. catweinz's rating of the film Bestiaire

    Tous ces animaux emprisonnés sans avoir commis le moindre délit... Il faut interdire les zoo ! C'est la conclusion que l'on tire de ce film qui est un formidable plaidoyer pour les animaux. Sans aucun commentaire, et nous épargnant toute musique d'accompagnement. L'image seule.Remarquable.

  9. Mario Tomchev's rating of the film Bestiaire

    Earth will be so much better after we are gone

  10. Hira's rating of the film Bestiaire

  11. Il secondo maestro del revolver's rating of the film Bestiaire

  12. Noli Manaig's rating of the film Bestiaire

    The subjects as mere animals? No, we are too anthropocentric to let that happen. We project onto them our human anxiety against captivity and control. The resonances the film evokes are those of anthropolitics and Foucaldian biopolitics. Even hints of Agamben's homo sacer and thanatopolitics. Man as commodity. Man as subaltern. It's a film worthy of contemplation: it speaks volumes where no annotation exists.

  13. Morris Bros.'s rating of the film Bestiaire

  14. William R Clark's rating of the film Bestiaire

    The trick is that, even though the concluding images release the animals that we once saw in cages, we're all the more horrified by this supposed freedom of space. Camera always landing at unexpected angles. Sound design is frequently the best in show - the sound of zebras banging against their own cages, scuttling around, then trying again is one of the film's most harrowing sonic observations. Really depressing.

  15. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Bestiaire

    What he was doing worked, but I'm still going to eat meat.

  16. dudewiththeface's rating of the film Bestiaire

    I couldn't be held captive to Bestiaire..

  17. kartina obskura's rating of the film Bestiaire

    he certainly knows where to place his camera

  18. mpho3's rating of the film Bestiaire

    "A popular sensation in medieval Europe," according to the Sundance catalog, "bestiaries were catalogs of beasts featuring exotic animal illustrations, zoological wisdom, and ancient legends." Furthermore, Cotes' "modern version is an elegant, bewitching meditation on the nature of sentience.” The verdict: We are one of them. And zebras are skittish.

  19. Sam Shapiro's rating of the film Bestiaire

    Loved the humility of the director and film. A quiet meditation on nature vs society. Just wish it had dug a bit deeper.

  20. Weston Campbell's rating of the film Bestiaire

    A quiet study of life as object.

  21. dave gunn's rating of the film Bestiaire

    A beautifully shot nature documentary that focuses on animals in confinement, this wordless and scoreless art piece was almost too slow and depressing to sit through as it showed scene after scene of bored, confused, depressed animals.

  22. 101010101010110's rating of the film Bestiaire

    Didn't watch the movie, but this shot is beautiful. Could be a perfect cover for a German techno compilation.

  23. Mark's rating of the film Bestiaire

    Animals are people too. I love animals. I don't think much of this "movie".

  24. msmichel's rating of the film Bestiaire

    Cote has made a wonderful reflective, observational, dialogue free examination of our relationship with captive nature and wild beasts. Using the concept of 'the bestiarie' as a launching point Cote had access to a zoo/amusement park in southern Quebec (Parc Safari) and follows the workings there through three seasons. Our gaze is often reflected back and the silence speaks volumes. Cote continues to surprise.

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