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  1. Photo of Yang Heng

    Yang Heng Director, Cinematography, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Tian Li

    Tian Li Cast

  3. Photo of Liang Yu

    Liang Yu Cast

  4. Photo of Min Wu

    Min Wu Cast

  5. Photo of Dai Qi

    Dai Qi Cast

  6. Photo of Xiong Heqing

    Xiong Heqing Cast

  7. Photo of Ju Zhu

    Ju Zhu Cast

  8. Photo of Gao Yi

    Gao Yi Cast

  9. Photo of Tian Linfeng

    Tian Linfeng Cast

  10. Photo of Wu Jun

    Wu Jun Music

  11. Photo of Liu Jinhou

    Liu Jinhou Producer

  12. Photo of Tian Xiaobo

    Tian Xiaobo Producer

  13. Photo of Wang Hongwei

    Wang Hongwei Producer

  14. Photo of Tian Kun

    Tian Kun Editing