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  1. Photo of Michel Brault

    Michel Brault Director, Editing, Cinematography Screenplay

  2. Photo of Denys Arcand

    Denys Arcand Screenplay

  3. Photo of Marcel Dubet

    Marcel Dubet Screenplay

  4. Photo of Gérald Godin

    Gérald Godin Screenplay and Cast

  5. Photo of Claude Jutra

    Claude Jutra Screenplay

  6. Photo of Geneviève Bujold

    Geneviève Bujold Cast

  7. Photo of Paul Gauthier

    Paul Gauthier Cast

  8. Photo of Denise Bombardier

    Denise Bombardier Cast

  9. Photo of Robert Carlebois

    Robert Carlebois Cast

  10. Photo of Louise Latraverse

    Louise Latraverse Cast

  11. Photo of Reggie Chartrand

    Reggie Chartrand Cast

  12. Photo of Philomène Desterres

    Philomène Desterres Cast

  13. Photo of Suzanne Valéry

    Suzanne Valéry Cast

  14. Photo of Tamara Jourdan

    Tamara Jourdan Cast

  15. Photo of Pauline Julien

    Pauline Julien Cast

  16. Photo of R. Chartrand

    R. Chartrand Cast

  17. Photo of Monique Sirois

    Monique Sirois Cast

  18. Photo of Ronald Jones

    Ronald Jones Cast

  19. Photo of Raymond Royer

    Raymond Royer Cast

  20. Photo of Georges Carron

    Georges Carron Cast

  21. Photo of Griffith Brewer

    Griffith Brewer Cast

  22. Photo of Jacques Bobet

    Jacques Bobet Cast

  23. Photo of Réjean Desgagnés

    Réjean Desgagnés Cast

  24. Photo of Bernard Gosselin

    Bernard Gosselin Cinematography

  25. Photo of Jean-Claude Labrecque

    Jean-Claude Labrecque Cinematography

  26. Photo of Claude Gauthier

    Claude Gauthier Music and Cast

  27. Photo of Pierre Patry

    Pierre Patry Producer

  28. Photo of Werner Nold

    Werner Nold Editing

  29. Photo of Serge Beauchemin

    Serge Beauchemin Sound

  30. Photo of Elizabeth Joutel

    Elizabeth Joutel Sound

  31. Photo of Jean-Pierre Joutel

    Jean-Pierre Joutel Sound