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  1. Photo of Charles McDougall

    Charles McDougall Director

  2. Photo of Alan Dossor

    Alan Dossor Director

  3. Photo of Roy Battersby

    Roy Battersby Director

  4. Photo of Tom Clegg

    Tom Clegg Director

  5. Photo of Jenny Killick

    Jenny Killick Director

  6. Photo of Peter Smith

    Peter Smith Director

  7. Photo of Robert Bierman

    Robert Bierman Director

  8. Photo of Richard Standeven

    Richard Standeven Director

  9. Photo of Ian Knox

    Ian Knox Director

  10. Photo of Ross Devenish

    Ross Devenish Director

  11. Photo of J.C. Wilsher

    J.C. Wilsher Screenplay

  12. Photo of Russell Lewis

    Russell Lewis Screenplay

  13. Photo of Michael Russell

    Michael Russell Screenplay

  14. Photo of Rob Heyland

    Rob Heyland Screenplay

  15. Photo of Steve Trafford

    Steve Trafford Screenplay

  16. Photo of Ray Brennan

    Ray Brennan Screenplay

  17. Photo of Ron Rose

    Ron Rose Screenplay

  18. Photo of Nicholas Martin

    Nicholas Martin Screenplay

  19. Photo of Julian Jones

    Julian Jones Screenplay

  20. Photo of Simon Andrew Stirling

    Simon Andrew Stirling Screenplay

  21. Photo of Gordon Hann

    Gordon Hann Screenplay

  22. Photo of Dusty Hughes

    Dusty Hughes Screenplay

  23. Photo of Neil Pearson

    Neil Pearson Cast

  24. Photo of Tom Georgeson

    Tom Georgeson Cast

  25. Photo of Siobhan Redmond

    Siobhan Redmond Cast

  26. Photo of Tony Doyle

    Tony Doyle Cast

  27. Photo of Francesca Annis

    Francesca Annis Cast

  28. Photo of David Lyon

    David Lyon Cast

  29. Photo of Lynda Steadman

    Lynda Steadman Cast

  30. Photo of Lesley Vickerage

    Lesley Vickerage Cast

  31. Photo of Robin Lermite

    Robin Lermite Cast

  32. Photo of Hugh Ross

    Hugh Ross Cast

  33. Photo of Elaine Donnelly

    Elaine Donnelly Cast

  34. Photo of Barbara Wilshere

    Barbara Wilshere Cast

  35. Photo of Sylvestra Le Touzel

    Sylvestra Le Touzel Cast

  36. Photo of Hal Lindes

    Hal Lindes Music

  37. Photo of Peter Norris

    Peter Norris Producer

  38. Photo of Tony Garnett

    Tony Garnett Executive Producer