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  1. Photo of Paulo Morelli

    Paulo Morelli Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Cristina Abi

    Cristina Abi Producer

  3. Photo of Diane Maia

    Diane Maia Producer

  4. Photo of Pedro Morelli

    Pedro Morelli Screenplay and Director

  5. Photo of Gustavo Hadba

    Gustavo Hadba Cinematography

  6. Photo of Júlio Andrade

    Júlio Andrade Cast

  7. Photo of Caio Blat

    Caio Blat Cast

  8. Photo of Carolina Dieckmann

    Carolina Dieckmann Cast

  9. Photo of Martha Nowill

    Martha Nowill Cast

  10. Photo of Maria Ribeiro

    Maria Ribeiro Cast

  11. Photo of Lee Taylor

    Lee Taylor Cast

  12. Photo of Paulo Vilhena

    Paulo Vilhena Cast

  13. Photo of Lucas Gonzaga

    Lucas Gonzaga Editing

  14. Photo of Frederico Pinto

    Frederico Pinto Production Design

  15. Photo of Guilherme Ayrosa

    Guilherme Ayrosa Sound

  16. Photo of Henrique Bertol

    Henrique Bertol Sound

  17. Photo of Alessandro Laroca

    Alessandro Laroca Sound

  18. Photo of Eduardo Virmond Lima

    Eduardo Virmond Lima Sound

  19. Photo of Thacio Palanca

    Thacio Palanca Sound

  20. Photo of Armando Torres Jr.

    Armando Torres Jr. Sound

  21. Photo of Alan Zilli

    Alan Zilli Sound

  22. Photo of Andrea Simonetti

    Andrea Simonetti Costume Design